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Episode 553 – Six Hour Director’s Cut – 5/28/20

We’re back to the standard segment order in this week’s episode, where we talk about the SpaceX crewed Dragon launch (recorded before the mission was rescheduled), HBO Max’s launch and plans for Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut, and HP’s new VR headset unveiled at the Augmented World Expo! Plus, in our new interview segment Living with Covid, Kishore interviews Ian Haydon, a volunteer who took part in the recent clinical trial of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 553 – Six Hour Director’s Cut – 5/28/20

  1. Norm, Elon hired your buddy Jose to design the original spaceX suit. His design was black and a little too custume-y but is the basis for the suit you see today.

  2. i remember jose mentioned it in the very first interview we did (back at monsterpalooza?) but didn’t know if his design made it through to what’s being used today!

  3. Hi all, love your podcast.

    Talking about ‘movie-remixing’. Have you seen a The Hobbit fan remix, called The Hobbit: the Bilbo edition? In this film you watch the three released movies cut back from more than 8/9 hours to around 4 hours. The maker has tweaked different versions and is now tweaking again. This so he can release a 3.0 version wherein scene cuts, fades and sounds are better again. And this all to get back to the core story. I watched an earlier version and am looking forward to the 3.0 version.

    Check it out https://goldfishblues.wordpress.com/2018/04/14/the-hobbit-the-bilbo-edition-3-0-the-final-cut/

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  4. i love kishore’s interviews! very much appreciated that we get some other, less explored perspectives on the pandemic. both strictly subject wise, and form wise.

    regarding twitter’s restricted replies: the concern i have seen is that while it restricts who can reply to a tweet, it does not restrict QRTs – i.e. talking to *your* audience about *somebody else’s* tweet. those are big drivers to directing a harassment brigade. (also the reason why mastodon does not have QRTs.)

    at the same time, it restricts the possibility to visibly call out tweets from corporations, institutions, and other higher-privileged sources for misinformation, as happens a lot with the mentioned ratioing. the replies being directly attached to the original tweet, they are always visible when accessing it. while twitter has a possibility to show a tweet’s QRTs, it is a manual query’s distance away.

  5. The Twitter thing comes across as being a tool for avoiding ratio’ing The Brands more than for hindering harassment, since QRT are still there, and arguably significantly harder to deal with and more damaging.

    So the conclusion is that either Twitter *still* doesn’t understand how their product is used to harass individuals, and *still* is unable to do basic research on the experience of their product, or mitigating harassment was not the primary motivation for the feature.

    The Snyder cut will likely be terrible, since when had he *ever* done anything to suggest he wouldn’t have doubled all of the stuff the original release was criticized for, and set a bad precedent for whiny fandoms to pester studios into spending millions on special editions. The consequence of multiple releases isn’t terrible in itself, but the behaviour leading up to it will be insufferable.

  6. Kishore, I’m sorry but you are totally wrong. Jeremy is spot on. You’re also allowing your critique of pop culture and industry to colour your view of the entire project.

    You’re certainly not thinking like a creative. You’re always trying to get a budget to produce your work. The people who have money are not creatives. Don’t dump that on the artist!

    And I think you’re really dumping on Snyder. I doubt that he’s doing it for the money. It’s a massive commitment of your personal resources.

    I also note that your heated response puts you closer to a Star Wars fan. How dare the actual director want to mess with my relationship to his film!

  7. Why is this podcast always about half the volume of all the other podcasts I listen to? Also, why are Jeremy and Kishore always easy to hear, but Norm is often difficult to hear (so when I crank the volume up to hear Norm, I get blasted by the other guys)? This is an ongoing/recurring issue with the audio-only version that I listen to.

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