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The Report from Camp – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/26/16

This week, the gang hears about Will’s recent trip to ORD camp in Chicago, the stupidity of ‘smart’ water bottles, and share some more book recommendations. Plus, Adam’s true feelings about segues.

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23 thoughts on “The Report from Camp – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/26/16

  1. pertaining to the water bottle which tells you when you haven’t drank enough… i also think its a silly idea. however, I do not feel thirsty as much as I should, and have to actually pay attention to what i drink so i do drink enough throughout the day or i feel sick, and then it takes a while to figure out why i don’t feel good.

  2. Great episode!

    RE: topic suggestions, I’d love to hear about how you organize information for a project. How do you keep together all of the photos, web links, etc. for a project? How do you keep track of your progress?

  3. Just listening to the episode, re:the nest thermostat and no problems with it – although anecdotal, it was personal for me, back in mid October this year (I suspect after silent update) I had a failure – no heat, uncomfortable in October, but luckily not catastrophic since I was home.

    Support was great when I woke up to a cold house at 4:30 in the morning, they diagnosed to it a failed base plate (and I had to reinstall the 40 year old reliable switch based thermostat to get heat while the replacement was mailed), but the new one they sent didn’t work either with all the wires attached, so same problem. I saw a software update in Jan – maybe that will fix it – so right now only the heat it attached, when it’s warmer I’ll re-attach the a/c and troubleshoot some more, but my confidence in it is certainly shaken. I don’t want to chance it failing when I’m not home to fix/triage it.

  4. I suppose in this case the low tech and few advances are an advantage when you live in the third world, we still have Radio Shark and Block Buster.

  5. ORD seems fun indeed but it is put up by Google. Didn’t see genetics and gene editing in the description list of talents aggregated?

  6. The audio book of ‘Station Eleven’ is also great.

    Another good ‘n geeky read: just finished James Michener’s novel ‘Space’ (1982) – a fictionalised history of the US space program. Especially interesting as Michener was on the Advisory Council to NASA as he was writing it. Fantastic read (though long). I shudder to type “if you like” … but, if you like ‘The Right Stuff’ and ‘The Martian’ … ‘Space’ is a solid recommendation.

  7. Started many books this month. Finally reading

    “A Universe From Nothing” by physicist Lawrence Krauss

    “The Dynamite Club” by Yale History professor John Merriman (this is about the origins of modern terrorism in late 19th century France during the so-called anarchist movement.

    “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough

    “And Yet” by Christopher Hitchens (Collection of his essays published posthumously)

  8. just two shortish blurbs on things will mentioned:

    long periods of holding/aiming aren’t that common in archery on foot either. a common fibreglass target bow won’t punish you for it, but development of a consistent rhythm is a big issue. like: nock the arrow, start the draw, once you’re pretty much at your anchor point, you extend in the back until you hear a small clicker device indicating that you reached full draw, and immediately loose. in traditional/primitive archery, the benefits of a steady rhythm are the same (i.e. supporting the repetition of a task with as little difference between instances as possible), and they punish you for longer holds by losing cast. holding at anchor for 2 seconds with a wood bow makes the arrow fly slower than loosing without the hold, thus really making a difference in the aiming process.

    linden wood: also known for being very light, not overly hard, and not super prone to splitting. that’s why it’s often used for woodcarving, and has historically been used for viking shields. and then, there’s the sigurd/siegfried story with the linden leaf leaving one spot on his back vulnerable.

  9. Nice episode gents!

    I am just finishing up “Station Eleven” and it has been a very enjoyable read. I would highly recommend it as well. Good pick Will.

  10. HOLY COW!!! If you guys held a CAMP TESTED one weekend at a campground or out in the desert, what a wonderful weekend that could be. I see MakerFair meets the spirit of BurningMan combined with a LAN party. All of Tested crew, those we see and BOH, as “Camp Councilors”. Let members of the Tested Community come up with things to do, events to be had, activities to participate in. Bring in special guests to work with or meet the geekmunity. I bet your fan base would pay for something like this. Extra money earned could go to a charity or a maker organization or a scholarship fund.

  11. I’ve been listening to the audiobooks of the “Fear the Sky” trilogy, which is narrated by the same guy who did The Martian. I don’t want to give away anything about the plot, but if you enjoyed The Martian and Seveneves, I’d say you NEED to check out Fear the Sky.

  12. You said you like book recommendations, so here you go. I just finished listening to the audiobook of “The Lightkeepers” By Abby Geni. It is an outstanding book, the best I have read since The Martian (Thanks for letting me in on that book! 🙂 ).

    This book is about a nature photographer that goes to spend a year on the Farallon islands, it is a very deep book that leaves you a little haunted. I can’t recommend it enough, and Audibles a great recording of it.

    However, watch reading the Audibles or Amazon description of the book, it gives away too much and hurts some of the surprises. 🙁

    Thanks for another great podcast! 🙂

  13. What is the name of the second book Will is talking about? Will talks too fast for me. Three Body Bumping? Something about China?

  14. How can I say this lovingly.

    I would love a little more equity in the presentation of this Podcast. I know Will has a lot to say and needs a platform to do it after he mostly stepped away from Tested, maybe he needs his own regular show because he has a lot to talk about and offer.

  15. Was last weeks podcast the death knell of Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project. No podcast this week and last weeks episode was only 22 minutes and Will spoke the entire time. Adam, I love this podcast and look forward to it every week but I feel like Will has taken over and you and Norm are barely able to provide any input.

  16. Vis Chicago Honey: Lindens are also known as Basswood (genius Tillia), a wood that Adam has most certainly worked with. There are several species of them, and the American basswood produces lovely flowers. The flowers can also be made into a very nice herbal tea, which is good for helping one sleep.

  17. You guys should try to organize an interview regarding the honey Will mentioned. Sounded pretty interesting. Great episode!

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