In Brief: Photogrammetry Testing with Quadcopters

By Norman Chan

Drone Deploy, AgiSoft, and Pix4D

Some quadcopter and drone pilots I follow have been recently testing new photogrammetry and mapping software for turning aerial photos into 3D maps. Aerial mapping isn't anything new, but the ease of flight with unmanned aerial systems, the improvement in onboard camera technology, and a wave of new image processing software/services makes it accessible and more usable. Eric Cheng tested Pix4D with the new micro four-third cameras mounted on an Inspire 1, while Daniel Scarnecchia ran a comparison between professional photogrammetry software AgiSoft Photoscan (used in Mad Max's pre-production!) and the Drone Deploy's recently released free-to-use Map Engine. The resulting maps look really good, and now I'm itching to test it out myself!