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Battlebots and Kingsman – 6/16/2015

Adam, Will, and Norm discuss the return of Battlebots, and Adam’s involvement in robot combat, as well as a spoiler-free discussion of Kingsman: The Secret Service that culminates in a mini-SPOILERCAST. Enjoy!

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37 thoughts on “Battlebots and Kingsman – 6/16/2015

  1. I agree with Adam’s assessment of Kingsman. The bits he liked are the bits I liked, and vice versa. I also think it took some of its campy inspiration from the UK’s 1960s The Avengers. Not just in the Mr Steed-like use of bowler hats and umbrellas, but also in the campy villain, his diabolical plot, the lair, and all the colourful quirky weapons.

  2. I also didn’t really like Kingsman, but it was ok for an evening worth of entertainment.

    But I want to know if the poster is only available for the annual premium members as I haven’t seen one on “my” site yet.

  3. The movie lost me when Eggsy saw Amelia die, and then quipped about it to Roxy.

    At that point I felt that if the movie doesn’t care about its characters, why should I?

    For me this was just a “Let the cat die” moment.

  4. A film about the lovely Colin Firth character would have been fantastic. Eggsy was likable but ultimately proved the old adage about trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Also agree that the last bit was needless but remember that both Kick Ass movies were ruined by the same strain of juvenile obscenity.

    The dog over the toilet was fun. I’d like to see Adam recreate it in one of his builds.

  5. >Juvenile obscenity

    You can get all 40 year old chin stroking meta on it but at the end of the day its a dumb film for chavs, whose main character is a chav – he wears a burrberry chequered boiler suit and does donuts to Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden ffs. Juvenile obscenity fully expected and applauded.

  6. I stare at it every episode, but can you guys do a quick show and tell on Adam’s Weebo? Is it an actual prop from the movie, or another one that Adam’s built??

  7. Blendo was on stage for the Mythbusters tour in SF two years ago, and probably elsewhere too but that is the one I saw 🙂

  8. I rather enjoyed the campy villain. The bit at the end was a non-sequitur that was simply one-upmanship of the Bond movies. Mixed feelings about it…

  9. I’ve been watching Fon Davis’ helmet/vacuum mold class on the Stan Winston site. Very impressed. He’s not only a great builder, he’s a great teacher!

  10. Can anyone tell me the name of the company mentioned that has the stormtrooper helmet kit for sale? I tried some cursory searches with the words I heard, but couldn’t locate it.

  11. I think you nailed every point about kingsmen that I wanted your take on. I really thought a couple very small changes could have made it amazing, the final scene included.

  12. I never thought (in a million years) that the words “anal sex” would be uttered on this podcast. It is just something that you do not expect to ever come up in a recorded conversation between the three of them.

    It was like, “Wow! That was kind of out of the blue!” 😅

  13. Can anyone tell me the name of the company mentioned that has the stormtrooper helmet kit for sale? I tried some cursory searches with the words I heard, but couldn’t locate it.

    I think it might be “Anovos”, Anovos.com

  14. “What do you want with Adam Savage?”

    – “I need San Francisco steel”

    “Why do you need San Francisco steel?”

    – “I have vermin to kill”

    “You can sleep here. It will take me a month to make the robot”

  15. The -original- Man from U.N.C.L.E. shows on “Me TV.” Along with Roger Moore (the younger) in The Saint, and, of course, Get Smart.

    –Paul E Musselman

  16. I remember being pretty disappointed with Kingsman. Mostly because of how the action scenes were shot.

    Speeding up and slowing down the action like that did not do the choreography any favours and the camera angles only made the fight scenes even worse.

    Kick-Ass 1 was a far better film in that regard.

  17. I too was a bit disappointed with Kingsman. The movie does have some great moments but it didn’t feel quite right. I felt that the blur between reality and fantasy was a bit off somewhere. (That head-fireworks thing felt very Edgar Wright, lol)

    I thought those fight scene camera tricks were very cool and I totally agree with that end scene being reeally horrible.

    I may have liked it better if it was more like ‘Kick Ass’.

  18. I’m not entirely sure that the ending was as bad as some here, including our three hosts, are making out. In fact I’m frankly surprised with Adam’s sudden reaction to it when he was trying to (over) analyse what he remembered seeing – which I don’t think matched the reality.

    There was simply nothing on screen to say what they were up to, we can guess, but there was little to suggest which platform he (Eggsy) may be taking or which tunnel he’d be using… that was left purely to the mind of the viewer, which may be saying something – dirty minds and all that.

    The only let down was the frankly rubbish looking head exploding scene, but that aside, it was an excellent, quirky and in some places, a very moving movie, and having much enjoyed the first Kick Ass film a lot, this comes as a welcome companion piece to that.

  19. Actually, I retract my statement – apologies to all, including Adam. A friend has told me that the gag at the end has been toned down from the theatrical version. Move along, nothing to see here.

  20. Kingsman is an amazing movie, all of it.

    Swedish princess stuff was funny as hell.

    The girl wasn’t bad either.

  21. Drone battle bots, hasn’t Jamie already equipped his with a buzzsaw? For “landscaping”, yeah sure…

    Also norm, it’s not Gary Sinise in Armageddon but William Fitchner that says that line.

  22. Totally agree with The Avengers comparison. I’m sure the location for Harry Hart’s house is Duchess Mews, which was also the location for John Steed’s house in The Avengers.

  23. I found Kingsman to be appallingly bad. The tone of the film was all over the place – let’s have a buddy comedy scene, but also have multiple people shot in the face graphically just before (the car theft vs. the chateau). Let’s try to have a female character with at least some kind of relevance, but then reward the hero with anal sex as literally just a prize to be won. Let’s spend a big chunk of the movie criticizing class differences, but in the end, have the hero essentially just sign up for the upper class. Let’s establish a baby in the household 100 minutes ago, solely so it can be threatened to add tension to the end of the film. Would have been so much more interesting if the Kingsmen were really so ruthless they would let people (or a dog!) die in training, but no, it’s all pretend. This film could not successfully negotiate the line between camp and serious, the emotional ride of the film was totally disjointed. Really a bad film.

  24. I got so excited when I saw that you were going to talk about Battlebots on this podcast, because as a native Vallejoan I thought I would once again get to hear Adam talk about his love of the facility it was filmed at, the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Adam has made rave review on television of the building they often return to again and again (though as most who follow know, he is prone to hyperbole – lol). There have been countless a myth tested there and yet not a peep about it. Love what you guys do and listen religiously, I was just hoping for that little bright spot of something fun, exciting, and forwarding thinking that shows possibility in that location. As opposed to Vallejo usually being the town that only seems to makes headlines for negative things that happen. Don’t want to seem too critical, I think everything you do here is great. Call it an observation and a little selfish let down. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

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