Tested's Quadcopter and Hobby RC Guides

By Norman Chan

Here are all the stories we've written and produced regarding multi-rotors, drones, and hobby RC.

We've watched awareness and enthusiasm for quadcopters explode over the past year and a half--this is a really exciting branch of hobby RC. For our part, we've done our best to keep up with the hobby, from testing ready-to-fly quads to building our own multi-rotors. But between that videos that we've produced and Hobby RC guides written by Terry Dunn, there's a lot of material to digest if you're just getting started. So I'm putting all of our multi-rotor and RC coverage on this landing page as a beginner's resource and formal archive of topical content.

I'll be updating this on a monthly basis, and please use this page's comments section to continue a discussion of all things multi-rotor-related.

How to Get Into Hobby RC Guides

This is Terry Dunn's bi-weekly column exploring all facets of the RC hobby, including multi-rotors. A great place to start is his first guide to getting started with general RC vehicles. The following guides cover multi-rotors specifically, with boats, planes, and car guides below it. I've marked what I consider to be essential reading with asterisks.

Our videos covering some of these topics are embedded below.

Non-Multi-Rotor Hobby RC Guides

Hobby RC Build Guides

Terry also built his own racing quadcopter, and documented the build in the following series of guides:

Hobby RC Product and Gear Coverage

And there's plenty more to come!