Use a Dedicated USB Hub for Better Receiver Reception

By Matthew Braga

Reception problems got you down? A simple extension cable is all you need to keep things under control.

Reception problems got you down? Is finding that elusive fifth bar keeping you up late at night? Luckily, we've got an incredibly simple tip that will not only increase the range of your wireless devices, but keep your desk space a little bit cleaner in the process.

With a USB extension cable and a cheap multi-port hub, you can move all of your mobile devices off the back of your tower or laptop, and off to the far sides of your workspace instead. Bluetooth dongles, keyboard receivers and other wireless goodies can then be liberated from the wire-filled hell that's developed beneath your desk, and into an area that's a little more open. Creative users will find that the cable's added length is perfect for running running devices up a wall, onto a shelf, or towards some other hidden location. 

cable organization tips, it can actually make for a far cleaner desk area, reducing the number of cables, and freeing all those spare USB ports up for more important uses. 

Of course, the possibilities don't end there. If you have some other smart uses for USB extension cables and desktop hubs, be sure to let us know.