In Brief: A Fond Farewell to Tested's Wes Fenlon

By Norman Chan

After three years of writing for Tested, our feature writer and ace reporter moves on to a new opportunity.

If you're a regular reader of Tested, you know that our site is a lot more than just the four blockheads you see at the top of the homepage logo. We have a great family of writers who contribute features, guides, and analysis about science, tech, and all the cool things we're curious about. Tested is comprised as much (if not more) by those writers whose bylines appear on the site as it is by the goofy faces you see in our videos. And the name you've likely seen most on the Tested front page is Wesley Fenlon, our news and features writer who's been with us for over three years. Since August of 2010, Wes has written over 2,300 stories on Tested--by far the most bylines of anyone on this team (and more than double what I've written). He's been with us to report on numerous CES and Maker Faire events, and researched some really awesome features. You might have read his piece on futurist science fiction or early 90s VHS board games. You may also have heard him on our podcast as a reliable third chair. And there's no forgetting my favorite story we've ever published. But it's with both regret and a sense of pride that I announce that Wes is leaving Tested, having started today in a new position as a full-time Editor at PC Gamer magazine. It's a great new opportunity that's long overdue; his new family is lucky to have his talents. But to commemorate all the wonderful work that Wes has done for us, I'm going to resurface some of Wes' best stories on the site this week. Stories to give new readers a sense of Wes' tireless contributions and to remind longtime readers of how fortunate we were to have him. Congratulations buddy, we'll miss your words around here.