This Is Only a Test 147 – Tips For Life – 11/15/2012

On this week’s show, Joey gets a big update, Will avoids uncomfortable situations, and Norm wants a sandwich. All that, plus the latest on Stephen Sinofsky, the Wii U’s launch details, Nokia’s mapping service, Motor Trend’s Car of the Year and another edition of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

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  1. I bring forward the argument that Rhinox is the best Maximal in Beast wars.

    1. He was second in command.
    2. He was the ships engineer so very smart.
    3. He created the ship defense AI (Sentinel)
    4. He also has two kick ass Gatling guns fro weapons.

    Cheetor was just fast and cocky about everything.

    Well he was my favorite anyway.

  2. I’m a Blackberry user.

    No, it’s not because my workplace has burdened me with the device. No, it’s not just because I’m Canadian. No, it’s not because I live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Lastly, no, I’m not “ashamed” to be a Blackberry user like some really negative and poorly researched NY Times articles are making us out to be. (

    In terms of mobile usage, I’m not a heavy data user, and I’m not someone who uses my Blackberry for a lot of productivity features. Much like probably a large majority of mobile phone users, I use my phone for:

    • Making phone calls, writing text messages/emails
    • Taking a photo every now and then
    • Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare
    • Maps/GPS navigation
    • Light web-browsing every time you forget the name of that person in that movie/song/etc.

    That’s about it, unless you want to include sometimes using my phone for scheduling things in a calendar and as a morning alarm.

    Obviously those are all fairly regular day-to-day tasks. So what is my primary reason for using a Blackberry based on those needs? Blackberry Messenger for IM. Sure, iMessage is out there for iPhone users, but BBM was the first to capture the market, and therefore all my friends and I are within that ecosystem. Much like how Apple dominates the apps marketplace and encapsulates people into that ecosystem, Blackberry has done that for some people as a messaging service.

    Sure, call me a square for not being the most interested in new games or apps for my phone, or not moving on to an advanced platform. It’s no lie that the app ecosystem for Blackberry isn’t nearly as developed or compelling as Apple or Andriod, but I’m fine with that, as I currently don’t have much interest or need for it. Using my phone as a media device for movies and music doesn’t interest me that much either, as I prefer to consume those types of media in other formats.

    It should also be noted that a tablet is NOT a phone. Just because I have an iPad doesn’t mean that I want to necessarily need to own an iPhone, but this is a whole different discussion altogether.

    I won’t disagree with anyone, I think Apple and Android phones are better. But for some of us, the Blackberry is a decent, cost-effective way to serve many people for their needs as “good enough”, and as it stands, I’m totally satisfied with that.

    [edit] Let me also add, this I’m using a Blackberry that is a few generations old (Blackberry Torch 9800). While yes, I don’t have any interest in Apple or Android devices, it’s clear I don’t have any interest in replacing it right now with a brand new Blackberry device either. There isn’t anybody who wouldn’t like something a little faster or a little shinier, but I really don’t have a good excuse to replace the device until I’ve gotten all the mileage out of this one.

    Now what will happen when I reach the end of life with this device? Then yeah, I’ll have some decisions to make there, and I’d be more than open to other phones. I carry no brand loyalty to Blackberry, but if my friends decide to stick with Blackberry, then there’s a good chance I most likely as well.

    The key thing to remember is that I’m making a purchase decision based on what fits me better, not necessarily the general consensus of what is better.

    [edit] Oh, and just FYI, about those weirdos in Florida who apparently went all cannibal because they were assumed to be high on bath salts? Yeah, it turns out they were just high on weed.

  3. It’s also known as the “Zippo Pocket” (in reference to the small pocket in your jeans) – because it fits a Zippo perfectly.

  4. Nexus 10 doesn’t even get mentioned?? Has there ever been an Apple product that wasn’t discussed ad nauseum?

  5. Show etiquette depends on the style of music and venue, sometimes mosh-pits and full-on-rushes between songs/bands have to be expected. Actually, in my experience, the crazier the crowd, the better behaved they can be when someone clearly isn’t comfortable, helping them get further back if the pressure gets high or protecting smaller people.

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