OCTOBERKAST 2: 24 More Hours of This Is Only a Test For the Kids - October 26, 2012 @ 6PM PDT

By Will Smith

We're doing it again! We're taking This is Only a Test live, for 24 non-stop hours. That's right, it's OCTOBERKAST. Join Norm, Gary, Will and a slam-packed roster of guests for a full day and night of dumbassery. After all, it's all for charity!

The chat is live! The YouTube page is up. Mixlr is Mixlring. On October 26, 2012 at 6PM PDT/9PM EDT, Norm, Gary, and I will embark on our second annual 24-hour podcast marathon to support Child's Play. We have an amazing lineup of guests and loads of fun activities to keep you entertained for a full day and a full night. We've even got some amazing products and memorabilia to auction off, And as before, all of the proceeds go to the kids.

Child’s Play is a fantastic charity, started by Penny-Arcade in 2003. Child’s Play donates toys, video games, books, and cash to hospitals, for use by sick kids in hospitals around the world. They’ve raised more than 7 million dollars since starting, and they run the whole thing with very little overhead, so money you donate to Child’s Play will actually end up going to sick kids. That’s right, this is actually for the children.

To donate to Child's Play, hit the Chip-In widget on the next page. Your donation will go directly to Child's Play's Paypal account, and you'll get a receipt, via email, that allows you to deduct your donation. As I said, we've got an amazing lineup of guests, and tons of fun stuff planned, but things get weird and amazing in the late hours of the show, so come for as much as you can! (Thanks to Tested user Conmused for making us an awesome OCTOBERKAST logo!)

We've been told that OCTOBERKAST is best enjoyed live, so we'll be streaming audio and video versions of the entire thing. Subscribe to our Mixlr and YouTube channels now to ensure you don't miss a second. We'll also archive both audio and video on the site, although those archives probably won't start popping up until next week.

And now, for the guests! This year they are: Roberto Baldwin, Ryan Block, Vinny Caravella, Loyd Case, Roger Chang, Jason Cross, Bill Doran, Alexis Gallisá, Jeff Gerstmann, Darren Gladstone, Jeff Green, The Idle Thumbs (Jake Rodkin, Sean Vanaman, and Chris Remo), Patrick Klepek, Brad Muir, Patrick Norton, Adam Savage, Drew Scanlon, Brad Shoemaker, and Scott Sorenson! All that, plus a mini-Bricked LEGO building race between Norm and Will, silent auctions for awesome stuff, and Joey's #GunsforKids 1000 Pushup Challenge.

We'll have more details on the auction items tomorrow morning. Be sure to check back then!