This is Only a Test 123 – Adam Savage Edition – 5/27/2012

On this week’s show, Will doesn’t connect his non sequiter, Norm gets excited about bridges, and Adam has a dangerous book. All that, plus our favorite Maker Faire 2012 projects, SpaceX’s Dragon, the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th birthday, and Towel Day. Enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “This is Only a Test 123 – Adam Savage Edition – 5/27/2012

  1. I have been waiting for a podcast with Adam on! Now I would like to see Jaime on the podcast.

  2. I still can’t believe Jamie and Adam are apart of the site. Looking forward to click the play button up there!

  3. Great weather, a nice piece of steak for dinner and this weeks this is only a test is up. Three things coming together to make this a excellent day.

  4. Couldn’t Adam just wear a mask of some kind and walk around Maker Faire? I’m sure he could totally make a bad arse voice changing mask. 🙂

  5. They really need to explain how the outro works to Adam. It’s so awkward seeing Will and/or Norm start it and then following it up with such a long silence…

  6. Nah, it was Norm who dropped the ball. Seems like Adam realized he was supposed to say his name anyway, even if Norm didn’t lead him into it by saying his after Will. Sure there were a couple other points where Adam wasn’t hip to Tested’s podcast methodology, such as apologizing for going on a tangent, but I’m sure he’s usually too busy to spend time listening to it throughout the week. But since he’s doing more stuff directly with Will and Norm, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started working it into his down time.

  7. Call it “This is only a Prototype”.

    This episode of the podcast was alright I guess, personally though I’ll be more excited when Gary is back in action.

  8. I agree that Boy Scouts shouldn’t segregate based on Sexual Orientation. But keep in mind Scouting was originally, and to some extent continues to be, a conservative/christian organization. So they’re going to be kind of stuck in their ways.

    That being said the gender segregation makes sense. I mean the thing is it was originally supposed to be a like a father-son thing. Similarly Girl Scouts was supposed to be a Mother-Daughter thing. Now they’re a bit more homogeneous. But being an Eagle Scout myself, I’d say the gender thing isn’t really a big deal since they have an alternative in Girl Scouts and Venture Scouts (which is CoEd ages 14-21).

    I think what you guys were really looking for was Venture scouts though. It’s like boy scouts with a focus on outdoor activities and developing skills.

  9. It was a real great surprise to see this podcast. Glad to see Adam on the podcast he is a perfect fit. Hopefully he will have time to do the podcast again in the future.


    I miss the Whitta! Hopefully he will return soon. 🙂

  10. This is the first time since the change in ownership that I’ve felt like Adam has been a legitimate contributor to the site. The article about his HOME RUN sculpture was great, but the other videos with him seemed more like a guest than a contributor (or host, or some word I can’t seem to find right now). Way to go Adam! You’re officially one of the Tested Crew.

    I would still like to see more from Jamie on the site. I know he’s not the kind of personality to be out there in the same way as Adam but an article every 2 weeks or so about whatever he thinks is worth writing about would make the fans (i.e. me) feel like he’s earning that top billing.

  11. This is crazy. In the best way possible.

    Can I hope to get more of this in the future? Possibly with the addition of Gary?

  12. This still seems surreal to me. Two worlds I love are colliding in an edjutainment explosion. I love you guy.

  13. Ah, I see you got one of the new Whitta Mark II’s. The Mark I’s were always a bit twitchy….

  14. This is the best episode of This is Only a Test I have ever listened to, seriously hearing Adam talk about the A-bomb torpedo on memorial day sent chills down my spine. Thank you.

  15. Great episode, all! I actually turned off the music in Diablo to listen to this while I played.

    Hey, come on… nothing stops Diablo!

  16. Listened to the audio and had to come check out the video to see if Norm was actually present for the last 20 minutes of the show. Turns into the Adam and Will show. Super entertaining, but I was concerned Norm wasn’t feeling well near the end. Good to see he’s just listening to them talk. I did the same!

  17. Sounds like Gary is no longer the only one who’s good for dropping obscure Seinfeld references. Awesome.

    Also, it’s “non sequitur.”

  18. Things I learned in this podcast: Adam is a HUGE nerd. I mean, I already figured he was, but they don’t play it up on MythBusters, so this just confirmed it in spades.

  19. A very different podcast, Adam’s passion is infectious and he plays so well of Will & Norm. The inanity isn’t there but the poor passion for science just makes you interested in things I wouldn’t usually give a shit about. More of this please

  20. Will, you said the magic words. “Borderline dangerous”. Champagne and Mentos are now on my shopping list.

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