In Brief: Good Tips for 3D Printing Adhesion Problems

Created by will on Nov. 11, 2014, 2:24 p.m. Last post by mediumcool 4 years, 12 months ago.

The base cause of most 3D printing failures is some sort of problem with adhesion. If that first layer of plastic doesn't stick to your print bed, it's almost inevitable that the print will fail. I love this list of tips and tricks to improve adhesion that Make posted. It's got several of my personal favorites--level that build platform, ensure the print head is the right distance from the bed, and always wipe the print surface with isopropyl or acetone to remove fingerprint oil--but they also include a few tricks I'm not familiar with. Now I'm off to find a purple Elmer's glue stick.

  • I've only ever had adhesion problems with ABS. PLA sticks to an unheated bed really well, when it's covered with blue tape. Almost too well. I've broken several panes of glass trying to pry prints off of them.

  • Great list. I have to agree with them all (except glass, never used it). I've had fantastic results since installing a super flat, heated bed and using Will's recommended 3M #2090 blue tape.

  • I ended up picking up some BuildTak surfaces a few weeks ago. There where a few things that intrigued me about them. The ability to print PLA and ABS (possibly nylon not sure) with the same surface. Also the idea of not having to mess acetone every time I want to print something.

    I've been super happy with them so far. I went from inconsistent print quality with abs due to adhesion to not problems at all. In fact I had to adjust the print head a good deal since it really sticks to the abs. At 100 microns I ended up being unable to remove it from the surface as a single layer, until re-calibrating. Also learned I needed to Print my skirts at a min of 3-4 layers at 50-100 microns range.

  • Hi Guys,

    Where did you buy build Tak material isn't it very expensive? I have a cheaper material which my company makes that works perfectly. If you would like to buy then from where would you like to buy this material so that I can provide it to most of you

  • There is already a new product. My company ProCoPrint3D in cooperation with the University of Gent department of chemistry of polymers developed a new formula for the adhesive to 3D printing. This is not another hair spray with relabelled as in the case of similar products. PROGLU3D is a patented formula and now conduct tests for most materials. Glue PROGLU3D has three versions: PROGLU3D-PLA, PROGLU-ABS and PROGLU3D-UNIVERSAL. Glue the PLA achieved excellent adhesion when printing with hard materials derived PLA and Flexi and Ninjaflex, ABS is like the name says to print derivative ABS and Universal to be used for all materials. Universal and PLA-based polymers and water dilutable. Product for ABS is no longer flammable agent. The printed elements are easily stripped from the printed surface after cooling table, and the adhesive layer is reusable until the damaged mechanically. We have also obtained low temperatures prints and for the PLA is from 30/70 degrees and for ABS about 70/90 degrees, of course, the product is also suitable for printing at higher temperatures. Below are some photos of the tests, and one of them carried on board Stratasys Fortus 250 for printing of ABS where platforms are suitable for recycling after one print. Using our adhesive means may be printed several times without damage to the print and the platform. More details on our website ProCoPrint3D

  • I use Elmer's purple glue stick. A light coat on the print surface works great for ABS and PLA. It's water soluble and cleans up easily.