3D-Printed Daft Punk Helmet and Ducati Bike

By Norman Chan

Print files available for both!

Here are two really awesome 3D printing projects that were brought to my attention today. Noe from Adafruit sent over their latest DIY guide to making your own 3D printed Daft Punk-inspired helmet, equipped with LED lights. The helmet shell is actually one solid piece, which you can download from Thingiverse and scale to your head. Printed with translucent PLA, Adafruit chose the visor color for their filament, and painted the gold around the outside for the helmet frame. The visor can also be outfitted with LED light strips and a control board for programming animations. It's not exactly a sculpted and cast Volpin piece, but would be fun to try out!

Sean also sent me a link to this mind-blowing 3D-printed Ducati motocycle, posted to Ultimaker's blog. Effects artist and 3D printing enthusiast Jacky Wan used photo references to create a 3D model of the bike, then broke it down into pieces with meshes optimized for printing. He ended up with 40 individual pieces, many of which were designed to print with minimal or no support structures and could snap together. Painted and assembled, the model is a gorgeous testament to the ability of modern FDM printers. More photos of the bike here, and all of the STL files are here. Now that would be an awesome project to build!