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    Tested: Peopoly Phenom L SLA 3D Printer Review

    We test and review the Peopoly Phenom L, an SLA resin printer with a build platform large enough to print entire wearable helmets as a single print! For Darrell, that massive build volume is a game changer for making props and cosplay armor, as he evaluates the setup, print quality, and limits of the Phenom L. We check in with Darrell to dive into his testing impressions and take a look at his test prints, including a life-size Infinity Gauntlet!

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: 3D-Printed Mechanical Claws

    Adam delights in the testing of his new extended finger gloves, a 3D-printed mechanical design by Gary Fay Creations. This articulated design gives Adam a wide range of hyperrealistic movement in his elongated fingers, which is both creepy and mesmerizing! The fit is fantastic, and Adam can't wait to incorporate them into a future cosplay!

    Formlabs Form 3 SLA 3D Printer Review!

    We spend two months testing the new Form 3 printer from Formlabs, which uses a new type of low force SLA resin printing for improved print quality and low impact print supports. Sean reviews the Form 3 and explains how the new laser module works, its caveats, print speeds, and how the new system compares with the Form 2 and other SLA printers!

    First Look: Peopoly's Phenom SLA 3D Printer!

    We check out the new resin 3D printer from Peopoly, the makers of the popular Moai laser SLA printer. The $1800 Phenom is an MSLA 3D printer that uses a 4K LCD for curing prints instead of a laser, with a build volume of 10.9"x6.1"x15.7". We chat with Peopoly's co-founder about the challenges of designing this kind of printer, the consumables used, and take a look at some test prints!

    First Look: Prusa SL1 Resin 3D Printer!

    We meet up with Josef Prusa at Maker Faire 2019 to check out the Prusa SL1, Prusa Research's resin printer. We learn how this resin printer differentiates from laser-based SLA printers, get a close look at its intricate prints, and check out the new wash and cure station.

    3D Printing and Molding the Key to Erebor!

    After modeling his replica of the Key to Erebor, Darrell walks us through the process of 3D printing it on his SLA printer, and then cleaning up that print to use in the making of a two-part silicone mold. Next up, casting! Thanks to Smooth-On for providing the moldmaking materials for this project!

    Modeling the Key to Erebor for 3D Printing!

    For Darrell's next project, he walks us through the process of modeling a replica of the Key to Erebor, inspired by the Hobbit films. Throughout the modeling process, Darrell explains how he achieves exacting relief details on the model that's suitable for 3D printing!

    Tested: Dremel 3D45 3D Printer!

    We review Dremel's third-generation 3D printer, the Digilab 3D45. Sean runs it through its paces and goes over his likes, dislikes, and how he adapted the printer to work with a variety of filaments. Here's why the 3D45 is a good fit for schools and maker spaces.

    Modeling Achilles' Sword for 3D Printing!

    This week, Darrell walks us through his process for 3D modeling Achilles' sword inspired by the prop from the movie Troy. Using photo reference of the prop, Darrell explains how he creates a faithful replica that retains all the characteristics of the original!

    Tested in 2018: Darrell's Favorite Things!

    Darrell, aka The Broken Nerd, is in our studio this week and shares his favorite tech from this year! Darrell gives his recommendations for favorite FDM 3D printer, SLA 3D printer, and printer filament. Plus, his new laptop that's streamlined his workflow!

    Modeling a Judge Dredd Helmet for 3D Printing!

    This week, Darrell walks us through his process for 3D modeling a helmet replica using photo reference. We've shown how he preps models for 3D printing, but much of the work happens on the computer screen. Follow along as Darrell explains how he approaches creating digital forms to exacting detail.

    Modeling and 3D-Printing Wonder Woman's Tiara for Cosplay!

    Darrell's latest project involves the modeling and printing of a custom Wonder Woman Tiara for cosplay! Darrell walks us through his process adapting the model with some unique design elements and the trials and tribulations of smoothing out and finishing the 3D print to meet his satisfaction.