So What's Happening with Tested [Video]

By Will Smith

Norm and Will have big news about the future of Tested, the new direction for the site, and our new coworkers.

First, watch the following video. It has MEGA spoilers for the post, so you may even want to grab a camera and record your reaction. Just a thought.

After you’ve watched the video, keep reading.

If your first thought was “FREEEEEEEEEOOWW!”, then you know how I’m feeling. My feet haven’t hit the ground since Norm and I started talking to Jamie and Adam--you know, the freaking co-hosts of MYTHBUSTERS--about helping us turn Tested into the premiere place on the Internet to share the things they’re most interested in.

Naturally, some stuff on Tested is going to change. You can expect to see Jamie and Adam blogging alongside Norm and I about topics that excite all four of us--more than just the digital world. We’ll also be posting about things we love that we previously would have considered off-topic--science, art, nerd culture, the maker movement, Lego, and more. Of course, Norm and I will still be covering technology--phones, tablets, and PCs, plus all the things we love that you’ve come to expect from us, like making coffee and frying turkeys. We’ll be doing many more projects and how-to guides as well, and of course, we’ll still do old favorites like App of the Day. Podcast listeners, fear not. We’ll keep publishing This is Only a Test every Thursday afternoon.

If you’ve been coming to Tested for a while, you probably have questions. First off, what happens to your premium membership? You’ll continue to display your subscription badge when you post on the forums and in the comment section, and you’ll continue to see the site without ads for the duration of your subscription, but we aren’t going to auto-renew your subscription when it expires. We’ll have some more stuff to announce for members soon; we won’t forget you guys who’ve supported us during our first two years. All of the existing members-only video--including Bricked and No Jars Allowed--will be open to everyone, as soon those videos finish processing, that is.

Norm and I are both really, really, really, really, really excited about what’s to come (really!). We’re expanding the site so we can write about even more topics that, as huge nerds, we’re both deeply interested in, and we get to work with Jamie and Adam. Either of these things would be great news--both together are amazing. I’m really proud of the site that we’ve built over the last two years--Tested is more than podcasts, videos, and goofy coverage of As Seen on TV products. Tested is one of the few friendly, inclusive communities on the web, and we’d be honored to have you join us for the next step in our evolution.

We have civilized, rational discourse between people with all opinions on a variety of topics--that’s rare on the web today, and it’s something you should all be proud of. It wouldn’t have happened without each of you. My only request is that in the coming weeks, be sure to welcome Jamie and Adam’s fans into our community the same way you were welcomed when you first found us.

In case you didn’t get it before, I’m really proud of the site we’ve all built together over the last two years--we couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you.

I’m glad that you guys are along for the ride. We’ll take the wraps off of our new design tomorrow, and will be ready to share the first taste of the new mix of content then too. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think. In case that’s not enough incentive to check back in tomorrow, I heard that Apple has a new tablet coming out too.

If today is your first visit to Tested, welcome! We’re really excited to have you here. In the meantime, you should dig into the back catalog of videos and let us know what you like and what you don’t like!