Nikes with Embedded Tracking Encourage Competitive Exercise [Video]

By Wesley Fenlon

Nike+ Trainers will allow you to prove your jumping jack superiority once and for all.

The Nike+ FuelBand's exercise tracking measures daily activity and converts it into a score called Nike Fuel. Now the company's taking a more specific approach for athletes, specifically basketball players--Nike+ Basketball incorporates sensors into upcoming Hyperdunk+ sneakers to track speed and jumps on the court. A broader line of Nike+ Training shoes will tie into a companion app designed to make even a basic workout competitive.

Yet another exercise tracking device isn't that interesting, but Nike could be cutting out the wristband by integrating the tracking people care about into the shoes themselves. Nike+ Training includes a list of workouts and challenges for staying in shape. The shoes go on sale June 29. Here's a free million dollar idea, Nike: stick a Pokewalker in the second generation.

If the Nike+ Training shoes are priced around the $150 mark, they could turn out to be a better buy than the FuelBand--especially if those workout routines are frequently updated.