BodyGuard Glove Tases its Way from Sci-Fi to Reality [Video]

By Wesley Fenlon

It would probably be a bad idea to mess with anyone wearing a BodyGuard, unless you like being jabbed with stun prongs and electrocuted.

There’s never been a more perfect real-world analogue to the Power Glove than the BodyGuard, a hard shell arm protector that happens to include a laser sight, HD video camera, LED flashlight and Taser for serious crime bustin’. A pull pin attached to the glove readies a button in the palm that can be used to activate the stun prongs attached near the wrist. Criminals probably don’t take too kindly to a 300,000 volt stiff arm.

Inventor David Brown’s full-arm glove has been through seven years of revisions and will actually be delivered in demo unit form to the Los Angeles police later this year. The BodyGuard looks like something straight out of sci-fi or gaming, but it does give officers an always-there weapon to rely on. The question is, will that be a help or a hindrance?

Brown build the hard plastic forearm shell with plenty of room to add customized equipment like GPS or biometrics. Then there’s the possible downside: criminals seeing the BodyGuard’s prongs and pulling a gun before the confrontation moves into close quarters. But hey, Kevin Costner approves.