Newest Chrome Dev Release Adds Aero Peek Functionality

By Norman Chan

Google's open source browser project takes another step in the right direction by adding support for Aero Peek.

The newest build of Chromium, the open-source project behind Google's Chrome browser, was released earlier today, and includes a much requested Windows 7 compatibility feature. Chrome's Dev channel now include Aero Peek functionality for individual tabs within any open Chromium windows. Aero Peek, of course, is the Windows 7 feature that lets you preview open windows and browser tabs by hovering your mouse over the corresponding taskbar icon. Previously, it was a feature only available with IE8, Safari, and Firefox 3.6. Light testing of Chromium's implementation shows that Aero Peek works as expected, though it still lacks features like download status integration with the taskbar icon.  

Edit: Added Safari to list of browsers that support Aero Peek.
Edit 2: Updated article to include info about dev channel release of Aero Peek feature