Surgery Robot Builds Penny-Sized Paper Airplane [Video]

By Wesley Fenlon

We're barely this good at making paper airplanes with our real hands; these robotic surgery instruments put our skills to shame.

Next time we need a surgeon to rearrange some nerve endings or install tiny metal pins in our joints, we know who to turn to: Dr. James Porter, a Seattle-based doctor who just so happens to have some spectacular robotic assistance. To demonstrate the precision of the Swedish Medical Center’s surgery bots, Porter took a little time off from life-saving procedures to relax and build a paper airplane. And no, this isn’t a normal paper airplane: it’s a teensy-tiny airplane about half an inch across.

da Vinci Surgical System sure earns its name with the best mini paper airplane we’ve ever seen. Bonus video: Porter painting someone’s fingernails with the same instruments.