How To Get to Gmail's Priority Inbox Faster on Android

By Ryan Whitwam

Get instant access to your Gmail Priority Inbox with one simple shortcut.

In case you missed our rundown of the new update to Gmail for Android, it now has some support for Gmail's Priority Inbox. While we'd like to see some more of the full Gmail features in this implementation, the way they have chosen to do it offers a great time saving ability.
 You can easily get to your Priority Inbox from the home screen with a shortcut. Here's how. 

It's a label!

Find an area with at least one open 1x1 block. Either long-press, or hit Menu > Add. Then choose Shortcuts. As an aside, it can be good to check this area from time to time. There's so much focus on the widget menu that people sometimes forget apps can have some very useful shortcuts. To get the Priority Inbox link, just scroll down to Gmail Label, and tap it. 

Now you'll have to pick the account you want the link to go to. You can do this for several accounts if you need to. After you pick the account, the app will have you choose the label. Tap Important, and you will have the opportunity to change the name of the shortcut. This is handy if you're going to have links for multiple accounts. Tap Done when you're ready to proceed.  

Customize it

This will load the Gallery app so you can choose something from your collection. You won't have the opportunity to crop like you would when choosing a background, so using a pic intended to be an icon is best. We found that using a large image caused the interface to hang when trying to add the shortcut.  

This is a process you can use for any label, not just the Priority Inbox Important label. The option for changing the name is smart considering Gmail for Android is capable of supporting multiple accounts. It would be nice if we had access to some of the existing system icons for the label under LauncherPro. Icons made for the LauncherPro home screen replacement look very  nice and are already sized correctly. Would having this shortcut make you more likely to use the Gmail Priority Inbox?