Episode 135 – The Filet o’ Fish Incident – 8/16/2012

On this week’s show, Joey is curious about Windows 8, Will enjoys the heat, and Norm tells a horrifying story. All that, plus Windows 8 RTM impressions, a Mars Curiosity update, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1, and another edition of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

Episode 132 – Wow, It’s Late – 7/26/2012

On this week’s show, Norm strokes electronics, Will changes a camera, and a wild Brad appears. All that, plus the latest on the Nexus 7, the Sparrow sale to Google, Gabe Newell vs. Windows 8, meat, and another episode of fake outtakes. Enjoy!

This is Only a Test 131 – Oversharing Inc. – 7/19/2012

On this week’s show, Norm grips a tablet, Joey reviews whisky, and Will makes soft grunting noises. All that, plus stories from Comic-Con 2012, Windows 8’s general availability date, the problem with cyborgs, and another episode of fake outtakes.

Episode 127 – Don’t Say Jobsian – 6/21/2012

On this week’s episode, Gary becomes an optimist, Norm tries not to interrupt anyone, and Loyd brings some board games for show-and-tell. All that, plus an extensive discussion on Microsoft’s big announcements on this very special edition of This is Only a Test!