How to Use Threaded Inserts for Wood, Metal, and 3D Prints!

Sean gives an overview to using threaded inserts for using machine screws in wood, metal, or even plastic 3D prints! For example, adding casters to your woodworking builds, or a 1/4-20 threaded insert in a 3D-printed phone holder. Here’s how different kinds of threaded inserts perform, and Sean’s recommendations for the types to use for various materials and mediums. How have you used threaded inserts in your projects?

T-Nuts for Wood, Screw-in Inserts for Wood, Heat Set Inserts, Press-fit Inserts, Screw-in Inserts for Metal, Helical Inserts for Metal, Rivet Nuts. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.