Star Trek Filming Miniature Model and Hand Props!

We can barely contain our excitement as we get up close with some original hand props and a gorgeous model miniature used in various 90s-era Star Trek series and films! From the iconic phaser and medical tricorder of The Next Generation to LCARS panels from Star Trek: Generations, this collection from Prop Store’s upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is bringing out our Star Trek fandom.

Check out the props and costumes from Prop Store’s upcoming auction!

Original Star Trek Uniforms and Borg Costume!

We chat with Prop Store’s Maegen Hensley about the evolution of Star Trek uniforms with examples from the upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction collection. We’re in for a treat as we get up close to the original costumes worn by Star Trek Captains from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager!

Check out the props and costumes from Prop Store’s upcoming auction!

The Color Theory of Star Trek Costumes in 1/6 Scale

We dive into the color theory of Star Trek uniforms and cut-and-sew with Exo-6 founder and director Schubert Tam as he brings prototypes of sixth-scale Star Trek figures to our studio. It’s a chance to see the difference between screen and set-accurate fabric color dyes side-by-side, and our first look at the finely tailored recreations of costumes from The Wrath of Khan!

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The Making of Modern Star Trek Figures

As the Star Trek: Mission Chicago convention kicks off this weekend, we’re visited in-studio by Exo-6, the makers of new one-sixth scale Star Trek figures from every series in the franchise. We chat with Exo-6’s founder Schubert Tam about his direction and design for the company’s figures, capturing the likeness of actors in iconic roles, and the challenge of replicating Star Trek’s costumes and uniforms at this scale.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s 1/6 Scale Figures!

We’re back in studio with Exo-6’s founder and director Schubert Tam to geek out about his passion for Star Trek and one-sixth scale figures. Today, we take a look at production samples for Kirk and Spock from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and discuss the revelations about the color and patterning of these costumes that were uncovered in order to accurately recreate them at small scale.