Ask Adam: Do I Want to Go to Space?

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers Tested members Andy Kellett, robotfencer and Shane Shellenbarger’s questions about which natural phenomena Adam wants to experience, what qualifies as a maker, and would Adam take a space flight. Thank you for your questions and support, Andy, robot and Shane!

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Watch Eric Cheng Timelapse of Aurora Borealis.

Adam Reviews Blitzway’s 1/4 Scale Apollo 11 Astronaut!

Adam prepares for one of the largest unboxings he’s ever done at the cave: a massive box containing Blitzway’s new Apollo 11 Astronaut statue. This mixed media figure recreates Neil Armstrong’s moon landing at 1/4 scale, including his iconic A7L spacesuit and even part of the Lunar Excusion Module! Being intimately familiar with this spacesuit, Adam calls out his favorite parts of the figure as he displays it next to his 1/4 scale ISS Astronaut!

Adam’s One Day Build of a custom display for this 1/4 scale ISS Astronaut

Adam Checks Out the Apollo 11 Command Module!

We all know Adam is obsessed with Apollo 11, and while visiting the National Air and Space Museum’s Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar, he had a special opportunity to view the Columbia Apollo 11 command module up close. Objects conservator Lisa Young takes Adam through some of the work her team is doing on this historic artifact, differentiates between the pre-flight and post-flight marks on the exterior, and lets him peek inside, revealing the three-person crew’s tiny living quarters for most of the mission!

Note: At the time of filming, there was a mask mandate in place at Smithsonian.

The Beacon | A Tested Short Film

Here’s what ADAM SAVAGE DID LAST SUMMER! He, with the support of the gaming network G4, designed and built two xEMU-inspired spacesuits to celebrate G4’s relaunch next week! It was a months-long build that required a LOT of problem solving along with a LOT of help from his friends, including Jen Schachter, Brett Foxwell, Christine Knobel and even Attack of Show’s Kevin Pereira. Adam was so thrilled with the final suits we felt they needed a proper debut, resulting in this short film that we filmed in ONE DAY at Fonco Studios in LA. We hope you enjoy, and look forward to HOURS of build content starting next week!

Learn more about G4’s relaunch here!

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project #10 – Space – 8/28/2012

Space, the final front… well you know. This week, Adam, Will, and Norm discuss space exploration past and present, the value of science education, and the speed of light.