Show and Tell: Adam Savage’s LEGO Minifigure Collection (Including Muppets!)

In this live stream excerpt, Adam shares his collection of custom LEGO minifigures he’s collected and ones he’s received as gifts, including one with a 3D printed rendition of his head in minifig-scale! Plus, Adam unboxes a few of the just-released Muppets minifig blind boxes–let’s see how he fares!

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Adam’s Apocalypse Now Kurtz Dossier Replica Project!

Adam shares a replica project that he worked on for over three years–a perfect replica of the Kurtz Dossier from Apocalypse Now! Created and compiled in collaboration with a member of the Replica Prop Forum, this collection of bespoke documents and screen-accurate ephemera was meticulously replicated, down to the stationary and embossed materials fabricated just for this prop. And did you notice that the pool table is now gone from the cave?

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Show and Tell: Adam Savage’s Custom Welding Cart!

In this live stream excerpt, Adam gives us a tour of the oxy acetylene cart he recently built, then answers Tested member Steve W’s question, “Is there anything that you built early in your career that gave you that sense of satisfaction and made you want to build more and better?”

NOTE: Adam’s googles are Honeywell Fibre-Metal SoloGoggle. But we’re sorry to say that they’re discontinued and out of stock.

More Weird and Wonderful Vintage Analog Clocks!

Sean’s back to share more from his collection of vintage mechanical clocks! This selection of striking timepieces includes the “Remindotimer” with physical alarm switches for almost every minute of the day, and a guardman’s watchclock with one of the most unique timekeeping mechanisms we’ve ever seen!

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