Star Trek Filming Miniature Model and Hand Props!

We can barely contain our excitement as we get up close with some original hand props and a gorgeous model miniature used in various 90s-era Star Trek series and films! From the iconic phaser and medical tricorder of The Next Generation to LCARS panels from Star Trek: Generations, this collection from Prop Store’s upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is bringing out our Star Trek fandom.

Check out the props and costumes from Prop Store’s upcoming auction!

Original Star Trek Uniforms and Borg Costume!

We chat with Prop Store’s Maegen Hensley about the evolution of Star Trek uniforms with examples from the upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction collection. We’re in for a treat as we get up close to the original costumes worn by Star Trek Captains from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager!

Check out the props and costumes from Prop Store’s upcoming auction!

Original Animatronic Gizmo Puppet From Gremlins!

Adam encounters one of the original Gizmo animatronics from Gremlins 2, created by Rick Baker’s effects shop alongside all the other creatures for the film. Complete with all of its control cables extended below the puppet, the immaculate condition of this prop gives some idea of the degree of detail and complexity needed for this prop to convincingly come alive on screen. Don’t feed the mogwai after midnight!

Check out the props and costumes from Prop Store’s upcoming auction!

Adam’s One Day Builds: Aliens Motion Tracker Prop!

Adam tackles a key piece of his Aliens Colonial Marines cosplay with the assembly and finishing of a Motion Tracker prop kit from propmaker Victor Broadley! This kit is comprised of most of the original found parts used by the original production to make the Motion Tracker, including the distinct shape of a Kango 426 drill and even the Casio calculator buttons that mount on the side! Next up will be making this actually work as a motion tracker!

Adam’s build of the Aliens welder torch, Colonial Marines shoulder lamp, Colonial Marines armor

The Origin of Ghostbusters’ Belt Gizmo Prop!

One of the lesser-known props essential to a Ghostbusters cosplay is the “gizmo” accessory that hangs off of the uniform’s belt. Fans of the film have uncovered the origins of that prop, sourcing its components to a vintage Sanyo calculator! Sean takes apart one of these calculators and shows how well it compares to the beautiful Ectolabs Gizmo replica kit, comprised of real custom circuitboards and working electronics!

Adam’s Dirk Gently Steampunk Crossbow Hero Prop!

Inspired by a question from Tested member Thomas Esson, Adam pulls back the curtain on a collaboration he did with the production team of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency back in 2016. Adam was asked to make a prop for the show, and he designed and prototyped the steampunk compound crossbow that was eventually fabricated by the props department and used throughout the series! Here’s the story of how Adam came up with the design and how he pitched it to the makers of the show!

Adam’s One Day Builds: Special Effects Syringe!

This may not be for a squeamish! Adam takes a vintage medical syringe and turns it into a practical effects prop! Using telescoping brass tubing and a custom machined front sleeve and plunger, this prop creates the convincing illusion of a needle injection that would be suitable for theater or film!

Adam Savage Demos Hydraulics with Cheap Plastic Syringes

Adam shows us how to use cheap plastic syringes to create a simple hydraulics system for remote activation and actuation. It’s an effective technique used extensive in his early theater days, and can create compelling practical stage effects with very little budget!

150ml large plastic syringes. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

Adam’s One Day Builds: Blade Runner 2049 Helmet Parts!

Adam’s back to replica prop building with some Blade Runner goodness! Adam recently acquired a perfect replica of Sapper Morton’s helmet as seen in the opening of Blade Runner 2049. And in pursuit of creating a full costume to go along with that piece, he needs to make an articulating mechanical air hose cage that connects to the helmet. And instead of 3D printing it, he’s going to hand machine it from scratch!

Sapper Morton helmet replica prop forum post.

Ask Adam: Films Where the Props Were Better Than the Film Itself

In this live-stream excerpt, Adam answers Tested member questions from squallxgamer, EnigmaticPenguin and C2 Lawson about The Matrix, favorite limited-sets movies and movies in which the props and design are better than the movies themselves. Thank you squallxgamer, EnigmaticPenguin and C2 Lawson for your questions!

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