Hands-On with Tilt Five Production AR Glasses!

It’s been a while since we first looked at the technology of Tilt Five, the augmented reality gaming headset invented by Jeri Ellsworth. The novel tabletop gaming approach to AR promised to bring a new level of immersion to everything from board games to D&D. Production units of these glasses are now shipping, so we caught up with Jeri to check out the latest hardware and demo some AR games!

Tilt Five AR Glasses, Tilt Five hardware preview.

Tested: DJI Mic Wireless Audio Recorder Review

Here’s a piece of kit we’ve been testing and integrating in our video production for the past few months. The DJI Mic is a self-contained two-transmitter and receiver audio recorder that can plug into your DSLR/mirrorless camera, smartphone, or even computer to get better audio quality than onboard microphones. We compare it to the studio gear we’ve been using, as well as alternatives like a shotgun microphone and portable audio recorder. But here’s why it won’t replace the iPhone mic we’ve been using in the cave!

DJI Mic, Shure Lavalier, Tascam DR10, Deity V-Mic Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

LEGO Minifigure-Scale Airbus A380 Airplane! (40,000+ Bricks!)

We’re so excited to reconnect with LEGO builder Jack Carleson at Bricks by the Bay to check out his massive 40,000+ brick Airbus A380 airliner. This minifigure-scale recreation of the world’s largest passenger airliner is an engineering marvel: completely freestanding and equipped with motorized flaps as well as detailed LED lighting! Jack shares with us his build process and gives us a peek at this model’s interior!

Jack’s Big Planes YouTube channel, Photos of Jack’s other LEGO builds.

Awesome LEGO Chinatown Themed Cityscape!

At this year’s Bricks by the Bay LEGO convention, we were impressed by this beautiful Chinatown-themed cityscape created by builder Tom Parrish. Using a variety of asian-themed LEGO sets and custom minifigs, Tom has created a dense neighborhood complete with detailed interiors and striking rooftop designs. A very inspiring build!

Massive LEGO Eiffel Tower! (25,000+ Pieces)

We return to Bricks by the Bay, our local Bay Area LEGO convention, where we meet builder Eric Del Sesto and his 8-foot tall Eiffel Tower construction! Comprised of over 25,000 LEGO Technic and system pieces, this incredible feat of scale model architecture is based on the actual Eiffel Tower blueprints, and even has three working interior elevators that replicate the lift system of the real tower!

Bandai Cup Noodle Model Kit?!? Let’s Build It!

Let’s have some fun building one of the most unique model kits we’ve ever encountered! Bandai makes a 1/1 (officially licensed!) replica of the iconic Cup Noodles instant ramen meal, complete with the plastic representations of the dehydrated instant noodles inside! Sean and Norm put this snap-fit kit together with some modifications as well, using Lacquer-Stiks to bring out the lettering and a paint wash for the noodles. A far cry from Gundam or Star Wars kits, but Bandai’s injection molding prowess is on full display here!

Bandai Cup Noodles kit, God Hand nipper, Mini Vortex Mixer, Gold Lacquer-Stik, Red Lacquer-Stik, Mission Models hobby paints. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

Star Trek Filming Miniature Model and Hand Props!

We can barely contain our excitement as we get up close with some original hand props and a gorgeous model miniature used in various 90s-era Star Trek series and films! From the iconic phaser and medical tricorder of The Next Generation to LCARS panels from Star Trek: Generations, this collection from Prop Store’s upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction is bringing out our Star Trek fandom.

Check out the props and costumes from Prop Store’s upcoming auction!

Concept Sculptor Simon Lee’s Monsterpalooza Showpiece!

We catch up with concept sculptor Simon Lee to check out his latest showpiece revealed at this year’s Monsterpalooza! We discuss how he approaches creating a pose and performance in his creatures and the iterative process of concept sculpting that helps directors visualize their films and stories. We’re stunned by how long this piece took him to sculpt!

Find more of Simon Lee’s work at https://www.bigbluetree.com/ and www.instagram.com/spiderzero!

The Sci-Fi Robot Helmets of BurgerStrings!

After three long years, we’re back at Monsterpalooza in Pasadena to meet sculptors, make-up artists, and effects artists whose work we adore. Chris Hamburger–aka Burgerstrings–is a traditional clay sculptor who makes incredible robot masks and helmets and paints them to perfection. We chat with Chris about his process and tips for painting his character castings to look like industrial machines.

Find more of Chris’s work at Burgerstrings.com and instagram.com/burgerstrings!

HasLab’s Reva Force FX Elite Lightsaber Prototype!

We check out the prototype for Hasbro Pulse’s new HasLab Star Wars FX Elite Lightsaber from Obi-Wan Kenobi! Product Designer Manager Chris Reiff walks us through the features and construction of Reva’s double-bladed lightsaber and the effects his team is able to incorporate into its design. Plus, we geek out about the other Star Wars projects he’s been able to work on, including the Razor Crest model we’re currently modding!

HasLab The Black Series Reva FX Elite Lightsaber