How To Be an Action Figure—Hasbro Selfie Series Hands-On!

We go hands-on with an exclusive first test of Hasbro’s upcoming Selfie Series that allows you to put your own face on a 6-inch action figure! Here’s how the app works to create a 3D scan of your head, and the customization options for hair, color, and your figure body of choice. We take a close look at the resin 3D print quality of these made-to-order portraits and discuss the technology that makes these custom figures possible.

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The Amazing Miniature Sign Builds of Route 9 Signs!

Miniature sign maker Chris Raley–aka Route 9 Signs–brings a selection of his beautiful sign replicas to the studio to walk us through his build processes and journey as a miniaturist and artist. We take a close-up look at two new San Francisco-inspired signs Chris made this month, and discuss the various ways he replicates vintage neon and the mid-century roadside aesthetic at small scale!

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How to Make Diorama Bushes with Old Paint Brushes!

Kayte shows a simple and effective way to turn old chip brushes into small scale diorama bushes that you can use for tabletop gaming or diorama terrain! Using hot glue, compressed air, and a combination of old 1″ and .5″ chip brushes, you can create a mix of realistic looking grassy foilage that can be painted in a variety of finishes. These standalone bushes are great for use on board games and are modular enough to set dress a small outdoor scene for toy photography!

1″ Chip Brushes, .5″ Chip Brushes, BSI Insta-Cure CA Glue, Compressed air, Green Undercoat paint, Vallejo Sepia Game Wash. Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

The Making of Modern Star Trek Figures

As the Star Trek: Mission Chicago convention kicks off this weekend, we’re visited in-studio by Exo-6, the makers of new one-sixth scale Star Trek figures from every series in the franchise. We chat with Exo-6’s founder Schubert Tam about his direction and design for the company’s figures, capturing the likeness of actors in iconic roles, and the challenge of replicating Star Trek’s costumes and uniforms at this scale.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s 1/6 Scale Figures!

We’re back in studio with Exo-6’s founder and director Schubert Tam to geek out about his passion for Star Trek and one-sixth scale figures. Today, we take a look at production samples for Kirk and Spock from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and discuss the revelations about the color and patterning of these costumes that were uncovered in order to accurately recreate them at small scale.