LEGO Star Wars Trench Run Automata + Lighting Build!

This week’s LEGO build takes the newly released Star Wars Death Star Trench Run set and converts it into a piece of automata by remixing it with the LEGO Pursuit of Flight set. The result is a miniature scene with Vader’s TIE Fighter in animated pursuit of Luke’s X-Wing, against a backdrop of LEGO greeblie paneling. We also add LED lights to the diorama and the finished piece looks amazing!

LEGO Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama, Light My Bricks lighting kit.

Show and Tell: Adam Savage’s LEGO Minifigure Collection (Including Muppets!)

In this live stream excerpt, Adam shares his collection of custom LEGO minifigures he’s collected and ones he’s received as gifts, including one with a 3D printed rendition of his head in minifig-scale! Plus, Adam unboxes a few of the just-released Muppets minifig blind boxes–let’s see how he fares!

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Let’s Build: Japanese Steamed Bun Shop Kit!

This cozy miniature representation of a Japanese steamed bun shop and apartment is our first exposure to CaDA bricks. The LEGO-alternative bricks company works with MoC designers like ExeSandbox and JK Brickworks to produce sets of their original designs, and we get a feel for how these bricks and the building experience compares with the LEGO sets we’re so used to assembling. It’s a delightful set, and the included warm LED light strip makes it extra cozy!

CaDA Japanese Steamed Bun Shop, exeSandBox. Disclosure: This device was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean + LED Lighting Kit Build!

Kick off the weekend with a LEGO build! We put together the new LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean, which features the iconic time machine in LEGO’s Creator Expert scale. At over 1800 pieces, it can be configured for each of its modified looks from the film trilogy, and we add to the model with a Light My Bricks LED kit designed just for this set!

Inside Adam’s Cave: LEGO Mailbag Unboxing!

This week’s Tested mailbag arrives in precision-wrapped packaging, and the sound of LEGO bricks shuffling inside gives us a clue as to what it could be. Adam carefully unboxes it to reveal the incredible custom build set within, courtesy of Tested viewer Moto–who turns out to have recently been a contestant on the LEGO Masters show!

Thanks to Moto for sending this impressive LEGO set! Find more of his work at, and

LEGO Airplane Dogfight Kinetic Diorama!

We’re due for a LEGO build! This set, designed by LEGO automata master JK Brickworks, was part of the inaugural Bricklink Designer Program, and voted to be put into production by fans like us. Let’s start knolling to put it together and take a look at this delightful kinetic diorama portraying a thrilling aerial chase!

JK Brickworks, Pursuit of Flight instructions, Bricklink Designer Program.