Adam Inspects Original Aliens Colonial Marine Props!

There’s no better reference for a replica propmaker than getting up close and inspecting the original movie props, and Adam gets to meet several pieces of Colonial Marines armor and the iconic smartgun from James Cameron’s Aliens! Details on these pieces reinforce Adam’s own research from screenshots and behind-the-scenes photos, and there are parts of the armor that Adam has never noticed until seeing them in person!

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Adam’s One Day Builds: Aliens Motion Tracker Prop!

Adam tackles a key piece of his Aliens Colonial Marines cosplay with the assembly and finishing of a Motion Tracker prop kit from propmaker Victor Broadley! This kit is comprised of most of the original found parts used by the original production to make the Motion Tracker, including the distinct shape of a Kango 426 drill and even the Casio calculator buttons that mount on the side! Next up will be making this actually work as a motion tracker!

Adam’s build of the Aliens welder torch, Colonial Marines shoulder lamp, Colonial Marines armor

Adam’s One Day Builds: Aliens Welding Torch!

As part of his ongoing Aliens Colonial Marines armor cosplay, Adam has been recreating the distinct hand props from James Cameron’s masterpiece. Using reference from his access to the original USCM welding torch prop, Adam completes his own using both 3D printed parts and scratch building the screen frame out of brass. Then it’s time to try on some of his newly acquired armor for the first time!

Watch Adam inspecting the original hand prop!

Adam Inspects Original Aliens Hand Prop!

Among Aliens universe propbuilders and cosplayers, first-hand references to original props used by James Cameron and his production team give a coveted glimpse into the materials, source components, and all-important paint colors that inform their replicas. Adam gets to examine one of the USCM welding torches used for the film, a rare hand prop that confirms some of his own Aliens prop research. It’s another archeological deep dive into the classic movie prop history!

Adam’s build of Aliens Colonial Marine Armor. Adam’s Colonial Marine shoulder lamp prop build.

Adam’s One Day Builds: Aliens Colonial Marines Armor!

Adam has been chipping away on his Aliens Colonial Marine armor set, and this past summer made headway on replicating the helmet accessories and painting the distinct camouflage effect on his armor. Making armor look properly weathered, distressed, and with proper camouflage look is no easy task, and it’s a painstaking journey of paint and elbow grease! (Colors used in this build: Humbrol enamel Dark Green 91, Light Green 226, Khaki 29, Red 160, Grey 64. Rust-Oleum 279175 Deep Forest Green Spray Paint.)

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