Adam in Real Time: Cutting Flat File Drawers

Unhappy with the storage of his various measuring tools (an unorganized and messy drawer), and inspired by his friend Tom Sachs, Adam decides to make a five-drawer flat file that will give him more than enough space to organize his collection. In this Premium/Patron video, join Adam in real time as he cuts the plywood needed on his table saw, which … takes a minute (or 20).

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Lightyear LEGO Build with Adam Savage and Director Angus MacLane!

Adam Savage is joined by Lightyear director Angus MacLane for an afternoon of LEGO building and conversation about the making of Pixar’s latest film! Angus brings some of his LEGO creations to show how he used the building bricks to conceptualize some of the film’s vehicle and robot designs, and share insight into the process of working with LEGO to design the XL-15 spaceship from Lightyear!

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The Iconic Sounds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the ways filmmakers create a sense of continuity for fans is with iconic sounds like the charging up of Iron Man’s arc reactor or the impact of Thor’s hammer. The sound designers at Skywalker Sound not only record and create these effects, but have to catalog them in a massive library for future editors. Sound designer Samson Neslund gives us a listen to this library of over 700,000 recordings, including new ones he made for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming.

Adam’s Obsession with Weird Storage Cases!

Adam shares his obsession with weird storage cases, often found at flea markets or eBay. Vintage boxes and shipping crates can be perfect for storing costumes or inspiring your own storage box builds. Here are a few that he recently purchased that just arrived at the shop, including one in need of a polish–perfect for an impromptu restoration!

Adam’s Captain America costume case.

Adam’s One Day Builds: Flat File Tool Storage Cabinet!

Adam first built drawers for his drafting tools two years ago, but things have not gone according to plan. To improve his storage habits, he builds a flat file storage cabinet in its place, with wide and deep drawers lined with green felt! The math is going to have to be precise in this one, so let’s see how Adam does!

The original Drafting Tools Sorting Drawer build.

Adam’s One Day Repairs: Vintage Lathe Drill Chuck!

Adam returns from a trip to the local Alameda flea market with a joyous find: a massive Jacobs drill chuck that can mount his collection of large annular cutters in the lathe. With an extended soaking in his favorite rust remover, some manual cleaning and oiling, and a swapping of its Morse Taper adapter, the Chuck is restored and ready to be put to work!

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Evapo-Rust Rust Remover.

Thor: Love and Thunder | The Sound Design of Mjölnir!

Sound designers, sound editors, foley artists, and sound mixers work together to create the soundscape for every scene in a movie–a kind of worldbuilding all on its own. Adam Savage recently visited Skywalker Sound where Samson Neslund, one of the Sound Designers of Thor: Love and Thunder, broke down the layers of sound effects that make up a key scene in the latest Marvel Studios blockbuster.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming.

Ryan Nagata’s Apollo Pressure Suit Replica!

Adam is awestruck by Ryan Nagata’s replica of an Apollo-era pressure suit. This meticulous recreation of what was underneath the iconic white A7-L spacesuits showcases the engineering challenges that the spacesuit designers at ILC had to surmount to give Apollo astronauts mobility while keeping constant volume of the suit. Adam and Ryan geek out about the details of this replica, which Ryan brought to show at this year’s SiliCon convention!

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Adam in Real Time: Painting a Flamethrower

In this Tested Premium/Patron exclusive, Adam spray paints his MacReady flamethrower while listening and dancing to pop music. What do you think of his musical taste?

Watch: Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Flamethrower Prop from ‘The Thing’, Adam Savage Incognito as MacReady from ‘The Thing’, PREMIUM/PATRON EXCLUSIVE: Adam Savage in Real Time: Freehanding on the Lathe

Dune Stillsuit Cosplay by Downen Creative Studios!

Cosplayer Beverly Downen shows Adam her new Dune Stillsuit cosplay that she just finished in time for this past weekend’s SiliCon convention! Beverly walks us through the foam and fabric construction of this costume and how it captures the intention of the film’s costume designers. It’s so convincing that Adam is even fooled by one particular part of it!

Downen Creative Studios, downen_creative_studios Instagram, DownenCreativeStudios YouTube.