Conserving the X-Wing at Smithsonian

How do you restore and conserve an artifact like the X-Wing, which is made of multiple materials (both flexible and inflexible) and wasn’t built with permanence in mind? Raina Chao, Objects Conservator, explains to Adam Savage some of the challenges she and her team are facing in turning this Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker prop into a display piece for the National Air and Space Museum.

Why There’s an X-Wing in the Smithsonian

The Mystery of This Original Rocketeer Stunt Pack

Adam visits Prop Store to take a look at an original stunt pack from The Rocketeer! Not only is this a chance to examine a real prop from the fan-favorite adventure film, the stunt pack here has curious features in its construction that make it unlike the hero prop. Adam helps Prop Store consider how this prop could have been used by production for the film’s special effects shots.

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Adam Tours Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s Farmhouse Set!

While on location of the Ghostbusters: Afterlife set, Adam Savage witnessed firsthand the breathtaking sets built by the production team to immerse the characters in the Ghostbusters universe. Set dresser Alex Smith gives Adam a tour of the detailed interior of the fully fleshed out farmhouse set, showing how the team find and fabricate every fitting and furnishing that goes into making a location feel real and lived in!

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Adam Savage: How I Wear My Face Mask

With masks being part of our lives for the foreseeable future, Adam shares his favorite masks that he’s been wearing on recent travels and demonstrates how he adjusts them to better fit his face. Let us know if you have a trick for preventing masks from catching on your eyeglasses or popping out your earbuds!

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Why There’s an X-Wing in the Smithsonian

While in DC in August, Adam stopped by one of his FAVORITE places: the National Air and Space Museum, and specifically its Restoration Hangar, where he checks out a screen-used X-wing. What is a prop from STARS WARS — and science fiction in general — doing in this particular Smithsonian? Dr. Margaret Weiteka, Curator and Department Chair of the Space History Department, explains.

How the Original MythBusters Series Would Be Different Today

Tested member Adam Joseph asked Adam Savage, “If MythBusters started tomorrow and followed the same episode plan, how do you think it would be different given 15+ years of technology advancements?” Great question, Adam! Here’s the other Adam’s answer.

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Evil Dead 2’s Cabin in the Woods Miniature Model!

Adam and Brandon from Prop Store pop open a crate to take a look at one of the original filming miniatures from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2! This effects model was used to for the film’s finale, and is a striking recreation of the iconic cabin in the woods. From the boarded up windows to unsettling angles of its construction, it has an eerie presence all of its own!

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Adam’s LAST Film Before MythBusters

Before he started filming MythBusters, Adam worked on the special effects for Terminator 3, his LAST film with ILM. Here’s what he and friend/former colleague Fon Davis remember about that job, which included forced perspective, dry for wet, and other filmmaking techniques.

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Savage Inside: Lenovo Legion 7i Shadowbox Display! (Intel® Gamer Days)

As part of Intel Gamer Days, Adam Savage and the Tested team have partnered with Lenovo, Intel, and PC Gamer to make a custom shadow box display showing off the components of a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop. This Legion 7i from Lenovo’s product labs is completely disassembled and laid out–knolled, of course–revealing all the beautiful design and thoughtful engineering that’s normally hidden under the chassis.

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Adam Savage Incognito as Iron Man!

Adam Savage suits up in his Iron Man Mark 1 armor for his first incognito costume walkaround in almost two years! At this past weekend’s SiliCon event, Adam joins the ranks of amazing cosplayers who walked the convention floor to take photos with attendees, swap costume build notes, and celebrate their fandoms. It feels so good to be surrounded by cosplay again!

Watch the full Iron Man Mark 1 build here.