Adam’s One Day Builds: Chinatown Stunt Knife (Corridor Crew FX Challenge!)

In this very SPECIAL One Day Build, a collaboration with Corridor Crew, Adam replicates one of his favorite practical effects: the bloody knife-attack scene from the 1974 film Chinatown. Adam times his entire process, from build through actual filming, while Corridor takes on the same scene, using visual effects instead. Which scene recreation do you think took longer and/or looks better? Be sure to watch Corridor’s version of this build, and please let us know which scene we should take on for the next Practical vs. FX Challenge!

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Adam’s One Day Builds: Aliens Motion Tracker Prop!

Adam tackles a key piece of his Aliens Colonial Marines cosplay with the assembly and finishing of a Motion Tracker prop kit from propmaker Victor Broadley! This kit is comprised of most of the original found parts used by the original production to make the Motion Tracker, including the distinct shape of a Kango 426 drill and even the Casio calculator buttons that mount on the side! Next up will be making this actually work as a motion tracker!

Adam’s build of the Aliens welder torch, Colonial Marines shoulder lamp, Colonial Marines armor

Adam’s One Day Builds: Adding Casters to Costume Cases!

In this quick build, Adam shows off the collapsible carrying case he uses for his Captain America Stealth Suit cosplay, and makes an upgrade to the metal case by adding sturdy wheels to its base! Here’s how adding heavy-duty double-wheel casters can make your shop boxes and storage cases much easier to move, whether around the shop or to a convention!

Adam’s Captain America Stealth Suit

Adam’s One Day Builds: Aliens Welding Torch!

As part of his ongoing Aliens Colonial Marines armor cosplay, Adam has been recreating the distinct hand props from James Cameron’s masterpiece. Using reference from his access to the original USCM welding torch prop, Adam completes his own using both 3D printed parts and scratch building the screen frame out of brass. Then it’s time to try on some of his newly acquired armor for the first time!

Watch Adam inspecting the original hand prop!

Adam in Real Time: Moby Dick Diorama Boat Build!

Our edit of Adam’s Moby Dick diorama build is more than an hour long, so we cut out a great deal of his work on the whaling vessel portion. We hope you enjoy this 25-minute real-time segment, exclusive to Tested Patron and Premium members, and we thank you for your support!

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Watch Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Moby Dick Diorama Maquette

Adam’s One Day Builds: Moby Dick Diorama Maquette!

Inspired by his recent revisiting of Moby Dick, Adam embarks on a sculpture to bring to form one of Rockwell Kent’s striking drawings from the 1930 edition of the novel. This maquette is Adam’s interpretation of his favorite illustration from the book: a whale tail upending a whaling boat and all the sailors on board. From modifying a whaling boat model to sculpting the enormous tail out of a medium called Pal Tiya, this is a diorama build as epic as the novel that inspired it!

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Adam’s One Day Builds: Razor Crest Mods, Part 1!

Adam and Norm begin the long-term project of modifying their HasLab Razor Crest models to add lights, electronics, and paint weathering. The first step: disassembling the engines of the two ships and finding ways to wire in LED lights! Over the coming months, they’ll be tackling everything from the cockpit to escape pod, using the magnificent HasLab model as a canvas to play in. This is going to be so much fun!

Norm’s Always Be Knolling T

Watch Test Painting The HasLab Razor Crest and Adam Savage Unboxes The HasLab Razor Crest.

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Mandalorian Vibroblade Kit!

While Adam’s Mandalorian costume is still a work in progress, he’s slowly chipping away at all the accessories and hand props that he’ll need to accompany it. Today’s build is a garage kit of Mando’s Vibroblade from Crossfire Props–a machined aluminum replica of the prop knife wielded in the show. It’s a quick benchtop assembly and Adam goes the extra mile to both glue and pin the pieces together!

Crossfire Props Vibroblade replica: Resin or Metal.

Adam’s One Day Builds: The Matrix EMP Switch!

Adam returns to the world of The Matrix to challenge himself with an obscure prop replica project: recreating the Nebuchadnezzar’s EMP switch seen and used at the end of the first movie (spoilers!). It’s a prop that Adam has not seen anyone else try to recreate before, and he scratch builds his version of it after scouring through screenshots and finding the perfect switches and dials to match what was seen on screen. Let’s dive into this deep cut One Day Build!

Adam’s One Day Builds: Inglourious Basterds Knife Replica!

It’s a true One Day Build! Adam recreates the iconic Bowie knife used by Brad Pitt’s Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds, using the same materials that a prop maker on set would have used to make the original. Taking a screen accurate blade blank, Adam embeds it in an elk bone handle and hammered brass guard and the result is better than he could have ever hoped!

(Tested Premium/Patron Exclusive) Watch Adam etch the handle in real time

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