Inside Adam's Cave: Wooden Screwdriver Mailbag Unboxing!

Adam opens a viewer mailbag containing an ironwood interpretation of his favorite Stanley Workmaster screwdriver design!

Adam Savage's Rant on Laser Printers

During the filming of his most recent One Day Build, Adam takes an interlude to dish out a few strong words about laser printers and his quest to find a quality large format printer for his prop building projects.

Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Workbench Vise Mailbag Unboxing!

Adam unboxes a new tool for his workbench, courtesy of the Tested viewers at Real Avid!

Inside Adam's Cave: Spray Paint Mixer Unboxing!

Adam unboxes a fan-made spray can mixer holder inspired by the drill-powered paint can mixer he recently shared as one of his favorite shop tools of the past year!

Adam's Spring Collection!

Adam opens up his sortimo box of tension springs to talk about the varied assortment of unconventional springs he stores at the ready in the workshop and what he keeps an eye out for when browsing for springs online.