Adam's Favorite Tools: Backstage Handbook Illustrated Almanac!

As makers, knowing the common name of tools and processes can break its spell over you--just as in the fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin.

Adam's New Nagra IV-S Vintage Audio Recorder!

Adam adds a coveted piece of vintage audio recording kit to his Nagra collection.

Adam's Favorite Tools: Color Coded Hex Key Sets!

While Adam has long kept his workshop stocked with his favorite Bondhus T-handle hex wrenches, he recently picked up sets of these Wiha Hex L-Keys that are beautifully and smartly color coded for quick identification.

Adam's Favorite Tools: Pry Bars!

Adam shows a roundup of some of his favorite prying instruments for separating pieces of material large and small.

Adam Inspects a Prototype Machined Brass Pen!

Adam unboxes a set of new writing tools from the designers at Makers Cabinet. First off is a their Ferrule pencil holder that grips a standard wooden pencil using a machining collet.