Tested in 2019: Adam Savage’s Favorite Things!

Adam caps off our staff’s favorite things video series this year with his list of favorite stuff from 2019. It starts with his favorite new hat, and includes tools, books, a mind-blowing fan creation, and an awesome organization worth supporting. Thank you for watching our videos this past year and continuing to support us, and we’ll see you in 2020!

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6 thoughts on “Tested in 2019: Adam Savage’s Favorite Things!

  1. Happy new year to the whole Tested crew. How did I not find this place before 2019? Every time I see a video from The Cave it makes me want to go out to my workshop and make something.

    Oh, and turning that faceplant into a hero move was genius. Well done to ActionMovieDad!

  2. If that soldering iron is what I think it is – a TS-100 – it’s got an open source firmware project that’s completely functional and has a few more bells and whistles than the stock stuff, including a customizable bootscreen! (I put my email address on mine) Project: https://github.com/Ralim/ts100

  3. The TESTED.COM favorites are one of my favorite things of the year!!!

    I have found the soldering iron, but really want to know about the DeWalt 20V conversion adapter!!! Dewalt 20V Tools are my newest obsession.

    Please post a link to a video – or at least the part number!


    S2 – Premium Member

  4. pjz – there are also a few usb-c mods for the ts-100 allowing for up to 100w of power…

    Adam, not sure what sort of books you are into – but i certainly enjoyed The Kurtherian Gambit series (and associated universe). vampire cross space opera. Starts with Death Becomes Her.

  5. Ordered the TS-100. Just saw a YouTuber I respect using one and tracked the thing down — then see the soldering iron on your list … had to order one. Went straight to the source — AliExpress. 😉

    Not sure about Haruki Murakami. I read “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” (disturbing, weird, creepy) and “Norwegian Wood” (sorry, didn’t rise above emo love story for me). I think I might like “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” if it was a little quicker, less violent.

    I may have to try one more of his books.

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