Show And Tell

Staff Favorites

Jack White Made Me This Surprise Gift!

Adam just received a surprise gift from Jack White--a restoration of his favorite workshop stool!

Ghostbusters Prop Replica: Venkman's ESP Test Machine!

Here's an iconic prop from the opening scenes of Ghostbusters that was actually a repurposed pieces of vintage scientific equipment!

Inside Adam's Cave: Spray Paint Mixer Unboxing!

Adam unboxes a fan-made spray can mixer holder inspired by the drill-powered paint can mixer he recently shared as one of his favorite shop tools of the past year!

Show and Tell: Adam's Recent Road Trip Acquisitions!

In this live stream excerpt, Adam shares a few of the souvenirs he picked up on his recent road trip through Colorado and Utah, in which he visited the immersive artists at Meow Wolf and the beautiful vistas of Moab

How Smithsonian Transports and Hangs Their Historic Aircraft

As part of its massive seven-year renovation, Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum took down all the aircraft in their America by Air gallery, transported them for restoration/conservation, then returned and re-hung them from the ceiling.