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Staff Favorites

3D Printing a Miniature Cityscape Diorama!

Cue the 3D printing timelapse music because it's time for another resin print showcase. Norm shares two projects he's been tinkering with, starting with a beautifully modeled cityscape designed by The Lazy Forger. Created for 6mm scale tabletop gaming, this set of buildings are also ripe for making diorama bases for display models or other printed figures. We also use Meshmixer to slice a character portrait for a quick and easy mixed media aesthetic.

How Adam Savage Stores His Vintage Aerospace Sunglasses

Last year, Adam showed us his vintage Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses--the same kind that were worn by early NASA astronauts and aerospace pilots. To store those glasses, Adam has received a lovely NASA-inspired sunglasses case from our friends at Luna Replicas!

Favorite Worldbuilding Coffee Table Books

Here are four brilliant coffee table books Norm received and picked up over the holiday break that share a common theme: worldbuilding. From the fan-favorite characters of Star Wars: The Mandalorian to the concept art that fueled the space race, these compilations of illustrations, technical drawings, and paintings explore worlds both fantastical and right at our grasp.

Tested: Our Favorite Smart Home Wi-Fi Plug

For this favorite things follow-up, Norm recommends a smart home plug that turns any appliance into a wi-fi connected device you can remotely power on and off, as well as automate. These small Wyze plugs were extremely convenient during the holidays for scheduling Christmas lights, and integrate with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Norm now has them set up for all of his office shelving and figure display lights!

What's Inside Adam Savage's Hip Pack!

You may have seen Adam wearing a hip pack (or fanny pack) in recent build videos, and Adam shares why he carries it and exactly what's contained within.