Show And Tell

Staff Favorites

Tested in 2021: Ariel's Favorite Things!

Ariel shares some of her favorite things of the past year, including a great camera for filming her expeditions and two wonderfully geeky books.

Tested in 2021: Bill's Favorite Things!

Bill Doran checks in from the workshop of Punished Props Academy to share some of his favorite tools and builds from this past year!

Tested in 2021: Kayte's Favorite Things!

Modelmaker and fabricator Kayte shares a few of her favorite things from the year, including precision tools for miniatures building and her favorite glue for papercrafting.

Tested in 2021: Sean's Favorite Things!

Sean brings in some of his favorite new tools from his home workshop to share, including a robust rotary tool system that outclasses your typical hobby tools, a useful handheld vise, and a few blasts from the past.

Tested in 2021: Jen's Favorite Things!

Jen's favorite things from this year include shop tools to help with soldering and laser-cutting projects, an awesome starter pack of different CA glues, her favorite woodworking saw, and miniatures terrain for modelmaking.