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Staff Favorites

Adam Savage: How I Wear My Face Mask

With masks being part of our lives for the foreseeable future, Adam shares his favorite masks that he's been wearing on recent travels and demonstrates how he adjusts them to better fit his face.

Inside an Arriflex 16mm Film Camera!

Continuing the deep dive into his 16mm camera collection, Sean takes out and takes apart the venerable Ariflex ST--one of the first professional 16mm cine cameras that has endured through the decades.

On Jamie Drinking for Science

This highlight on bottles up for bid in the MythBusters auction turns into a story about Jamie getting drunk in the gutter during the blind driving myth, and ... well, we're just going to turn it over now to Adam, since he's the master storyteller.

Adam Inspects New Pages from Indiana Jones' Grail Diary!

While visiting Prop Store, Adam encounters something he never thought he would get to see in person--original production pages of Indiana Jones' Grail Diary prop from The Last Crusade.

How Vintage 16mm Cameras Work!

In a past life, Tested's Sean Charlesworth was the camera technician at NYU and repaired countless film cameras that passed through the film school.