Show And Tell

Staff Favorites

Inside Wētā Workshop's Animatronics Lab!

Adam Savage visits Wētā Workshop's electronics lab where Richard Taylor walks him through the design and prototyping of the larger-than-life animatronic character visitors meet in the Wētā Workshop Unleashed experience.

How Wētā Workshop Creates "Bigature" Landscapes Out of Foam!

Wētā Workshop's Richard Taylor demonstrates techniques that his team of artists use to create the rocky landscapes of scale model bigatures like the one on display at Wētā Workshop Unleashed.

LEGO Minifigure-Scale Airbus A380 Airplane! (40,000+ Bricks!)

We're so excited to reconnect with LEGO builder Jack Carleson at Bricks by the Bay to check out his massive 40,000+ brick Airbus A380 airliner.

Adam's Curta Calculator Gets CT Scanned!

What's the inside of a Curta mechanical calculator look like? Or how about a Perfect Grade Gundam model? We meet the team at Lumafield, who've created a CT scanner and software that can capture and generate detailed interior models of handheld objects without any physical disassembly.

Adam's Aluminum Foil Ball Cut In Half! (Ft. Waterjet Channel)

In March 2022, Adam created a shiny solid sphere of aluminum using just a roll of standard foil wrap -- the so-called tin foil ball challenge. Curious what the inside of the final ball looked like, Adam tried -- and failed -- to cut it in half himself.