Why the Space Shuttle Discovery Delights Adam Savage SO MUCH

When Adam Savage visited the National Air and Space Museum -- specifically the Udvar-Hazy Center -- in August 2021, he stopped to marvel at an old friend, the Space Shuttle Discovery. From its stenciled logo to its pattern of damaged tiles to its TINY door, Adam highlights the many features of this historic aircraft that never cease to delight him.

Adam Reviews the Spacesuits of MOONFALL!

Adam geeks out over a pair of spacesuits created for the new film Moonfall! In this special unboxing, Adam examines the construction and design of these hero spacesuits to deduce their NASA-inspired lineage and fabrication.

Adam Reflects on the Small Spaces Astronauts Must Endure

While visiting the National Air and Space Museum in August 2021, Adam stopped by the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project -- the very first international human spaceflight -- and marveled at the ambitious endeavor as well as the very small spaces (like this one) that astronauts must endure sometimes for weeks.

How Smithsonian Brings Historic Garments to Life

As a cosplayer who likes to displays his costumes, Adam was EXTREMELY interested in how the National Air and Space Museum manages their mannequins, which need to look realistic, stay inert for a long time, fit a myriad of shapes and sizes, and do no damage to the sometimes very (VERY!) old clothing they're wearing.

Adam Checks Out the Apollo 11 Command Module!

We all know Adam is obsessed with Apollo 11, and while visiting the National Air and Space Museum's Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar, he had a special opportunity to view the Columbia Apollo 11 command module up close. Objects