Show And Tell


A Tale of Two Syd Mead Blade Runner Blasters

Adam adds a new piece to his Blade Runner Blaster collection, and it's a new interpretation of Syd Mead's concept blaster designed but never used for the original 1982 film.

The Origin of Ghostbusters' Belt Gizmo Prop!

One of the lesser-known props essential to a Ghostbusters cosplay is the "gizmo" accessory that hangs off of the uniform's belt.

Adam Reviews Blitzway's 1/4 Scale Apollo 11 Astronaut!

Adam prepares for one of the largest unboxings he's ever done at the cave: a massive box containing Blitzway's new Apollo 11 Astronaut statue.

Ghostbusters Prop Replica: Venkman's ESP Test Machine!

Here's an iconic prop from the opening scenes of Ghostbusters that was actually a repurposed pieces of vintage scientific equipment!