Adam Savage’s Rounders Poker Chips and Case Replica!

One of Adam’s favorite movies is Rounders, and he shares the story of his journey to replicate the poker chips as seen in the film. Recently, Adam was inspired to make a carrying case for these chips–his imagining of what a case from the character Teddy KGB’s underground poker game would look like. The prop is still in progress, and Adam could use suggestions for the finishing graphics of the case!

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  1. It should say in Russian “Don’t splash the pot.”

    And later you should invite the Lock Picking Lawyer to see how fast he picks that lock.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie (but it just got added to the list!) but to me the natural thing to go on the side would be… the bear. Maybe in a subtle black-matte-on-black-gloss or embossed kind of way. If it’s an illegal thing, he might not want it to be too obvious… and if it’s not illegal, well, understated/minimalist elegance is always impressive. The other route would be to treat it more like a packing crate and have some ‘spraypainted stencil’ label (in cyrillic, of course).

  3. Russian Cyrillic used to have its own numeric system until Peter the Great instituted the civil script reform in the 18th century.
    In this older system, the powers of ten are somewhat elegantly denoted using the Cyrillic “1” surrounded by a unique glyph denoting the power of ten, ie. 1000; 10,000; 100,000, and each power has a common name similar to our use of “a dozen”.
    Anyway, in this system, the name for 100,000 is Легион (Legion), which is both a cool word with an attractive aesthetic of Cyrillic characters, and is also a great “nerd” word across the board- from historical references, games, and comics.

    I think you should have “Легион” and the associated glyph stenciled on the side. Looks similar to an “A” surrounded by a circle of dots. This would be something that would be clear to those in the know, but it would be somewhat obscure and archaic in the modern world, so it wouldn’t be obvious to an uninitiated stranger on the street.

  4. Hey Adam ! Russian here! You can use cyrillic letters as numbers but it’s quite rare in Russia . As for the signing on the box you can go with “кто не рискует тот не пьет шампанское” which is a Russian proverb literally meaning the one who doesn’t take risks never drinks champagne” или ” не везёт в любви” which is “bad luck in love” because there is another saying : “if you are not lucky with gambling you are lucky with love affairs” or “фартовый” which is jargon for “lucky one” (this one is probably less safe cause it’s prison related slang )
    Anyway I will be happy to help) So let me know know if you are interested, I can do more research on this topic

  5. Some pithy Russian aphorisms:

    Волко́в боя́ться — в лес не ходи́ть. – If you’re afraid of wolves, don’t go in the forest.

    Ври, да помни. – Lie, but remember (have a good memory).

    Дру́жба дру́жбой, а де́нежкам счёт – Friendship is friendship, but count the money.

    От трудо́в пра́ведных не наживёшь пала́т ка́менных. – You don’t get a stone palace by honorable work

    I’m most partial to: На ловца́ и зверь бежи́т. – idiomatically it’s ‘Just the man I was looking for’ or ‘Speak of the devil and he’ll appear’, but literally it’s more like ‘the hunter’s prey jumps into his bag’

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