Adam Savage's Indiana Jones Grail Diary Prop Replica!

Adam shares one of his oldest movie prop replicas: a recreation of Henry Jones's Grail Diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! As an example of his early prop replicating adventures, Adam's Grail Diary was a product of the printing technologies available to him at the time as well as scarce (and low resolution) reference material found from a variety of sources including DVD extras and behind-the-scenes art books. Adam walks us through how he made this replica and shows us the pages within!

Adam Savage's Replica Creature Head from The Thing!

Adam gives us a close look at this replica of one of his favorite monsters from John Carpenter's The Thing!

Adam Savage Unboxes His James Bond Spectre Cane!

Adam unboxes a prop replica he's had his eye on ever since he saw it at Comic-Con: the cane that James Bond wields in the opening of Spectre.

Adam Savage's Van Gogh Painting Replica!

Adam shares a piece of his cave's collection that he acquired over a decade ago: a replica Van Gogh painting that he bought after reading about a town in China that specializes in recreating classic artworks. And while he was very pleased with the veracity of the fake Van Gogh, it wasn't until he found the perfect frame for it that the object became truly satisfying!

Adam Savage's Rare Taylor Pressure Helmet!

Adam shares one of the finer pieces of aeronautics and space memorabilia from his collection: a rare RAF partial pressure helmet, also known as a Taylor helmet. Used by British pilots in the 60s and 70s, this beautiful helmet feautred a claustrophobic pressure bladder within its striking white shell and double visors. And if its design looks familiar, the Taylor helmet likely served as the inspiration for the Nostromo emergency helmets seen in the opening of Alien!