Adam Savage's Inigo Montoya Princess Bride Sword!

Among Adam's collection of swords is his replica of Inigo Montoya's sword from the classic film The Princess Bride. Because the original prop has been put on museum display for public view, there's a lot of execellent reference that has allowed prop makers to recreate this sword. Adam's is a combination of various replicas made of the years, with his own additions and weathering to make the gem-encrusted basket stand out!

Adam Savage Finally Fixes His Giant Swiss Army Knife!

In a previous One Day Build video in which Adam made a replacement blade for his Victorinox replica, many viewers pointed out that Adam installed one of the blades backwards! It's an error that's finally remedied as Adam shares a lovely note and gift from none other than the CEO of Victorinox!

Adam Savage's Miniature Model from Star Wars: Episode 2!

Adam shares a piece of miniatures modelmaking from his work on Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones! This computer terminal was Adam's original model that was reproduced as set dressing for a miniatures set, and made use of kit-bashing, laser cutting, and even practical lighting effects! Adam explains how it also features a classic effects trick that assisted in the post-production compositing process.

Adam Savage's Chewbacca Bowcaster Replica!

Adam shows off the details of his completed Chewbacca bowcaster replica, the assembly for which he did mostly off camera in a comfort build. This prop completes his Chewie cosplay ensemble, and Adam suits up in his costume to wield the finished build and let out his Wookiee roar!

Adam Savage's Alien: Covenant Spacesuit Helmet!

Adam shares one of the most impressive film props in his collection: a helmet from the Ridley Scott film Alien: Covenant! Made by the incredible effects suit fabricators at FBFX, this piece is has an astounding amount of detail that makes it look and feel like a real manufactured space helmet from the Alien universe.