Show And Tell


Raf Grassetti's Incredible Character Art and 3D Prints!

We meet up with one of our favorite character artists, Raf Grassetti, to check in on his latest sculpts and adventures in 3D printing!

Adam Unboxes Max Rebo Concept Maquette!

Adam unboxes the Max Rebo concept maquette replica that's part of Regal Robot's new Star Wars Archive Collection!

Life-Size Star Wars Imperial Probe Droid Robot Build!

One of our favorite things we saw at this year's Star Wars Celebration was Mike McMaster's remote-controlled Imperial Probe Droid.

The Amazing Miniature Sign Builds of Route 9 Signs!

Miniature sign maker Chris Raley--aka Route 9 Signs--brings a selection of his beautiful sign replicas to the studio to walk us through his build processes and journey as a miniaturist and artist.

Show and Tell: Adam Savage's LEGO Minifigure Collection (Including Muppets!)

In this live stream excerpt, Adam shares his collection of custom LEGO minifigures he's collected and ones he's received as gifts, including one with a 3D printed rendition of his head in minifig-scale!