Show And Tell


Better Call Saul's Fictional Companies and Props!

The production team of Better Call Saul fleshed out the world of Saul Goodman with believable props from a variety of fictional companies. From the fast food fixtures of Los Pollos Hermanos to custom blown glass tequila bottles, Adam is delighted by the stories of these faux corporate hand props

The Costume Design of Better Call Saul!

Adam takes a look at some of the costumes worn on the series Better Call Saul throughout its six-season run, including costumes never meant to be seen in color and even test pieces created by the costume department.

Adam's New Animal Masks!

In addition to Adam's collection of helms and helmets, he also has a growing mask collection for casual walkaround cosplay. Today, he shares to recent additions to that collection, both animal masks found on Etsy.

Adam Inspects the 'Passengers' Spacesuit

In our final video checking out props and costumes from Prop Store's Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, Adam inspects this striking spacesuit made for the 2016 science fiction film Passengers.

Original Star Trek Uniforms and Borg Costume!

We chat with Prop Store's Maegen Hensley about the evolution of Star Trek uniforms with examples from the upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction collection.