Adam Savage’s Samurai Armor Costume

Adam invites us to the Cave to join him in opening a package from Prop Store, a movie memorabilia company that collects and sells props and costumes from our favorite films. Sometimes, the props from lesser-known films are the best deals, like this awesome octopus-themed samurai armor from 47 Ronin.

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230 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Samurai Armor Costume

  1. Oh wow that is so cool! -raises hand excitedly- OH OH PICK ME FOR THE BOOK! OHOH! PLEEEEASE! XD

    Love you guys, have fun with the suit of armor Adam!

  2. I paused the video to say “Fucking YES, this should be a regular feature!” :p

    Mailbag is a long-established Tested series, after all.

  3. Adam has probably the best prop and costume collections ever!! Every time there is a feature on his personal collection I am completely fascinated!

    Ooooh that book would be a great coffee table book to flip through! and Signed? Even better!

  4. One day, when I win the lottery, Prop Store is going to be one of those places I’m going to go and just max out the credit card.

  5. I 1000% back an “Adam’s Mailbag” segment. I’ve had this movie downloaded for some time and haven’t watched it yet, which is really weird, because I too was REALLY looking forward to it. Now I have a definite reason to watch it… ya know, so I can go “HEY, ADAM OWNS THAT NOW!”

    PS. Would love to have that book, just from flipping through it I saw several things I need to stare at and then recreate.

  6. That prop store auction catalog would be great, since the actual props area bit out of my budget (and space limitations).

  7. I paused the video to say “Fucking YES, this should be a regular feature!” :p

    Mailbag is a long-established Tested series, after all.

    +100000000000 !! 😊

  8. Fantastic piece and great advice for prop collectors and movie like 47 Ronin where great finds can be found. As for the catalog, I saw that Fifth Element Mondoshewan head on Ebay years ago and its $1500 price tag was out of reach. I can’t imagine what they will sell if for now.

  9. Adam has one of the best most amazing collections of esoteric and wonderful stuff. I wish I had the space and funding to pull off a collection a fraction as awesome as his.

  10. While I can’t afford anything out of their catalog, I would love to get my hands on one; signed or not.. 😊

    Awesome samurai costume, Adam!

  11. Awesome stuff! But shouldn’t the bib go under the chest-plate?

    That book would look real nice in my hands 😉

  12. While I can’t afford anything out of their catalog, I would love to get my hands on one; signed or not.. 😊

    Awesome samurai costume, Adam!

  13. Great costume! I actually enjoyed watching “47 Ronin”very much, it is a cool adventure fantasy movie. Oh yeah, my wife has these interior design magazines on the coffee table – the Prop Store catalogue would be a nice balance to these.

  14. love the joker pants! Please do not stop making vids and running the site love this stuff!!!! The book would be nice to 😉

  15. Was browsing the online catalog the other day and wow some of those stargate props, make the chair of the ancients my couch. Was that your finished ZF-1 in the article ?

    Would love that catalog.

  16. I probably will never have the opportunity to have a suite like that on display but maybe I can display the catalog on the wall and dream 🙂

    Well at least I can live vicariously through Adam’s collecting 🙂

  17. I would love a mailbag at adams and the catalog is awesome. I liked how they just have the weird straps leeloo wears in the fifth element and not he rest of the costume.

  18. Adam and actually got me into prop-collecting, so I will Very wholeheartedly second and third the wish for more movies like this. I love Propstore and just wish that I could afford more of their stuff… Go tested and Adam. Keep the movies coming and please more from Adams Cave. I love those.

    And I would of course be ecstatic if I would be the lucky receiver of the signed catalog 🙂

  19. PropStore are showing off some of the props from the auction here in London — heading over this Sunday to take a look in person, I’m excited!

  20. Now this is an unboxing I can get behind, awesome stuff. The detail on the armour is incredible and I love the purple pants.

    Adam’s Mailbag should definitely be a regular feature, I can only imagine all the cool stuff that comes through the shop’s door.

    Edit: And is it me or did we bring down the Prop Store London website?

  21. I´m from Sweden and we only have moose, reindeer and meatballs here, no cool stuff at all. Need the catalog to even things out.

    Anyhow, Tested brightens my day and the podcasts are a great companion in the wood shop.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. oh my oh my oh my…so cool, as a person who has done years of Japanese weapons, im blown away..this is too cool!

  23. Adams Autograph, High quality pics of Sweet costumes and props or a prize from hmm… either way i want it 😀 Please consider this guy when picking the winner 😀

  24. Look at Adam’s face light up like a Christmas tree on opening the box here, the enthusiasm was that of a kid in a sweet shop having been told he has free reign! You guys should carry on with this kind of video as they’re so much fun. They’re great and we can all live vicariously through them.

    Prop Store is literally a few minutes down the road from me and I’ve never gone to see them, maybe I should as they always seem to have the best stuff on offer. I could stand outside and press my nose up against the window, drooling at all the nice stuff inside until someone comes out to tell me to ‘Move along’ as I’d be depreciating the value of the neighbourhood by being there…

  25. Prop Store do have a few cheap things on their site, the postage to Australia is crazy expensive though, but it is packaged with love so its kinda ok.

    Count me in also for Norms random give-away 😀

  26. just went to the prop store web auction if you look at the Beka Valentine’s (Lisa Ryder) Hero Pistol it looks like it is based on one of the blade runner gun kits Adam showed in one of his videos

  27. Nice costume, and an awesome tip about buying lesser known movie props. I would love to flip through that catalogue.

  28. One day, when I win the lottery, Prop Store is going to be one of those places I’m going to go and just max out the credit card.

    Without a doubt, that was my exact thought while watching.

    Also, I love Adam’s child-like glee and enthusiasm, it really comes through in this video!

  29. Great unboxing vid – You definitely should do more of those!

    I love the armour, but I wonder if you’re not supposed put on the jacket before the pants – so that it becomes tucked in.


  30. speaking of Comic Con and the fact that you´re something of a Hellboy afficionado and an avid cosumte collector, how about going incognito as Johan Krauss from ‘Hellboy 2 – the golden army’ for next comic con?

  31. Thanks for inspiring the maker in all of us and showing with some hard work and creativity you can make whatever you want. Keep the great content coming “P.O. Box Cavebag”.

  32. Now that is awesome…..I just started collecting replica pieces, and after seeing Adam with the Ronin outfit I just realized i have too many samurai swords lying around. Itd be cool to get the signed catalog.

  33. That costume is phenomenal and Adam’s unbridled glee during the unboxing is infectious – I was grinning the whole time I watched it!

    please consider me for the signed catalog giveaway – I’m just as random as anyone else! 🙂

    I noticed you making a brief appearance during the scenes where Adam is donning the costume – were you there specifically in case Adam needed help zipping anything up? (Hee hee – flashing back on a reference to his muscle suit video)

  34. Great video! I particularly enjoy Adam getting so excited about the prop even though he hasn’t seen the movie. Really got me thinking about the whole idea of just appreciating the craftsmenship instead of chasing the most famous/expensive prop.

  35. “Adam’s Mailbag” Voting one up!

    Making armor out of plastic and rubber sounds like a project worth pursuing. Does anybody have any source material on the how to?

    And on another note, how hard is it to make Kevlar Armour for real?

  36. Adam’s workshop was actually what got me off my butt and made me clean up my workspace. I’ve rescently made my own Iron Man-themed samurai armor.

  37. Went to the catalog and saw there are some Farscape props. Thought, “those might be affordable.” Not even close. Oh well, I can wait.

  38. Would love to have the signed catalog to give to my daughter who just started her Industrial Design program, is a tremendous fan of Adam, and hopes to become a movie prop-maker as her career. So please put my name in the proverbial hat for the drawing!

  39. That catalogue does look amazing. I’m resisting checking out the PropStore site because I need to get some work done today.

  40. Which comments? Where? I want it! Pick me! Me! Meee!

    I was actually going to ask if they sold that catalog! It looks beautiful!

    And that costume is gorgeous!

    EDIT: From Wikipedia:

    Universal Pictures released 47 Ronin on DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D on April 1, 2014.

    That’s just amazing.

  41. Samurai with glasses all that pop in my head was Samurai Champloo . Also I would love to see more Adam mail bags

  42. I agree with Adam. Adam’s mailbag should be a reoccurring segment here on tested.

    “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

  43. Prop Store is the reason I don’t allow myself a credit card.

    And yes… mailbag at the cave should totally be regular. See who gets the weirder stuff, hah!

  44. At first I thought there would be no way a samurai armour could fit into a box like that, but I only realised it wasn’t metal after Norm and Adam said so. Amazing work.

  45. /Agree with Adam, this should be a regular feature!

    Man prop store has a lot of cool stuff, think I need a bigger bank account though. 😉

    Ow and for the book: Pick me, pick me! Aw pwease? 😉

  46. There are a few more complete 47 Ronin costumes left actually – I wonder how quickly they go after more people see this video 😀

    There are a few bits on the prop store site I wouldn’t mind having, but I just don’t have the space for anything right now 🙁

    Ahh well, such is life!

  47. my wife and i both enjoyed the 47 ronin movie. you should check it out. i also would like to see more Adam mail bag videos.

  48. That is some awesome armor. The crazy part is that they actually wore even more crazy stuff in real life! Now I am going on PropStore’s website…oh dear. Nice buy Adam!

  49. What a cool costume. I always appreciate these happy diversions. Especially today! Although I love the samurai armor, my favorite Savage collection piece is the NASA Mercury space suit.

  50. So, can I like, fold the corners of my prop catalog entry like I can for those little cards that you fill out for when they actually reach in and draw out the winner? Because that always works. (…right?)

    But really, it’s so much fun seeing Adam giddy.

  51. The movie was a huge let down, but the armor and costumes were still pretty cool to look at. The armor looks fantastic though. Super jealous.

  52. The four eyed rubber clad samurai, more danger to himself than the enemy!

    Awesome buy!

    Also adorable how happy Adam gets when he gets this stuff, find enjoyment in all of life, otherwise whats the point?

  53. I think a face mask would really help since that chin thing seems weird.

    Also, I remember being a kid and just going through catalogs. It was the best. There was a store around me called Consumers, I think, that only sold stuff by you looking through their catalog and they just had a waiting area where you waited for them to bring the item you wanted to the counter.

  54. What a great piece of gear Adam! I wonder if he gets the same look from his wife as I get when I bring something nerdy home.

  55. Would love for Adam Mailbag to be a regular segment. The pure joy on display while opening the package is wonderful to watch.

    Would love to get the catalog. It’ll be hard to keep from trying to buy anything. Was just notified a prop my friend’s uncle made was just put up for auction in Prop Store. I wonder if it’s in this catalog. If so I could have it signed by Adam AND someone who’s in the catalog!

  56. Awesome share Adam! Just another example of why top on my list of site to check out everyday.

  57. That is some sweet armor. I can’t believe I missed the Pacific Rim Auction. But a catalog would make up for it.

  58. Really excited about visiting the Prop Store now. You guys remind me of when kids open presents at Christmas, really great to see the excitement in opening these packages.

  59. i love this site, but it ends up costing me a lot of money since at least once a week i see something like:”i want that” and open a extra tab in the browser to go search and buy it.

    love it and keep up the good work.

  60. That is an amazing costume. Haven’t seen the movie, but who cares, it is still amazing. I really need to get into prop making myself, all of yours are a real inspiration.

  61. Ooh free stuff, better comment. The Prop store is awesome, but mostly just makes me sad when I see all the cool stuff I’m not going to be able to own.

  62. Incredible, seeing Adams obsessions and enthusiasm for stuff like this really makes me want to take up prop building as a hobby.

  63. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many comments on a Tested feature so quickly! The allure of free autographed memorabilia!

  64. it’s nice to see movie props from movies that weren’t huge hits and fan favorites find a good home. So much care and passion goes into that stuff and the people making the prop don’t know that the movie is a turkey. Yet, in the end the FX and atmosphere get the blame for poor direction, lousy marketing, poor promotion and no understanding of the story and property.

  65. I love it!!! These really would be a great addition to the site, more please!!!! Really liked the detail of that prop, being light weight is a plus.

  66. If that’s Samurai Joker, clearly he needs to be fought by Samurai Batman… of which there seem to be a whole freakton googleable.

  67. I love watching how giddy Adam gets when talking about his love for these things. I am just glad he shares this passion with the rest of us so we can see the coolness.

  68. Totaly awesome. 47 Ronin is actually a great film, panned unfairly by critics. It’s WELL worth a watch. I’ve been looking out for props from it and this suit is just fantastic. Was hoping to do a Kai costume as I cosplay as a few Keanu characters.

  69. Very cool prop!

    That prop auction catalog would drive me insane with the number of items I would wish to purchase!

  70. Can’t wait until Tested: The Show! Got Vip tickets for me and my best friend! See you there Norm, Will, and Adam!

  71. Mailbag at Adam’s Cave?? This needs to keep happening! It’s no wonder this site is my favourite.. Great video after great video.

  72. That Auction book is a prize in-of-itself. I think anyone would love that as a give-a-way, myself included. Great purchase on the suit of armor. I find myself strangely wanting to see a batman comic set in feudal Japan now?

  73. Are you guys gonna add a premium video of him putting it on, like the mercury suit? Also, the catalog is awesome!

  74. “Dude!” Ha ha ha Cracks me up. 😀

    I need to go and see if I can find the move somewhere. I’d love the catalog. 🙂

  75. Beautiful fantasy armour, that’s one hell of a display piece. how do you display full costumes like that? or do they reside in bags? Seems a shame to hide them away, but I can’t imagine how much space you’d need for everything you have. I really liked the helmet displays you made and showed in another video, but i didn’t notice anything specifically for full costumes.

    PS. That catalogue would be awesome to get!

  76. Visually lush and comfy to wear. Double bonus! Enjoy! Thanks for the inspiration to be a ‘maker’ every week!

  77. Ok, I have now spent about 2 hours drooling over the prop store auction items. This may cost me alot of money…

  78. It is always a shame when beautiful costumes are overlooked. Such craftsmanship! Thanks Tested and Adam for showing us the true heart of films.

  79. I’m posting a comment because I loved that video (Adam should post some photos) and I REALLY need that book.hey, no fair they don’t have a pleading face in emoji 😠

  80. I wasted a good 2 hours looking through that whole catalog online when Adam tweeted about it. Incredible stuff.

  81. Hey guys,

    Great video as usual. Saw Adam and Jamie in Brisbane a few weeks ago and they were hilarious! I thought Jamie was trying to kill Adam with the phone book bit LOL. Would love to get a copy of the catalogue. Doubtful I could afford anything in the Auction but you never know I guess? 🙂

    Always be testing 🙂

  82. 1) The first thing I noticed about this video was how the video itself looked – I almost thought it was green screen with how out of focus the background was. Are you guys using a different camera/rig?

    2) This is a pretty sweet costume and I wonder if this costume could be made with a certain metal molded/crafted to be pretty thin, and end up being a nearly equivalent weight.

  83. I really hope you guys saved that BIG ziplock bag. Those are great for storing a variety of things (movieprops) and kind of hard to find. That armour will look so good on a manikin in Adams shop, great buy. Christmas comes early.. and the boys are giggling;)

  84. I love this. And I was proud of my legoman samurai armour…

    Now i loose the next two days rooting through the prop stores website…

    Thanks guys 🙂

  85. This suit is so cool! I totally support Adams Mailbag as another regular feature. Love the book; hours of entertainment in there…

  86. I had thought Adam had maybe got a Last Samurai costume from the preview pic, but this is just as cool! It is amazing how realistic it looks even though it is made of rubber.

    Oh and I just want that catalog so I can drool over the cool pieces of kit!

  87. From the brief glimpse of ghe catalog, I was amazed of the variety. judge dreed to batman suit. Sign me up for the giveaway of the catalog!!!

  88. my wife and i both enjoyed the 47 ronin movie. you should check it out. i also would like to see more Adam mail bag videos.

    I also thought there was something special about that film. Samurai and Dragons, on the screen at the same time! And a witch! And castles! Castles getting stormed by Ninjas! It feels like a fairy tale.

    OMG just googled the witch actor… it was Rinko Kikuchi, who was Mako in Pacific Rim!

  89. Just put a mask and you have Adam’s next Incognito. Also, I’m now lurking for some armor from 47 Ronin (<_<)

  90. This kind of stuff is amazing to me. The nerd in me wants everything in Adam’s shop. My wife and wallet say otherwise.

  91. Looks pretty awesome.Was the sword part of the costume? The detail looks amazing.I think you’ll need another warehouse soon Adam!

  92. There’s always something amazing to look forward to on Tested! Thank you very much Adam, Norm, and Will for showing us all the great stuff you guys have! Looking forward to seeing more costumes!

  93. I always love seeing the excitement in Adam’s eyes when he’s talking about his props.
    And mailbags in Adam’s Cave should be a regular thing, that could generate the best videos ever!! 😀

  94. I’m so happy to see cave videos back again!

    The quilted fabric on the costume is fantastic. I wish we knew more about how it was produced.

  95. Whoever did the CGI for 47 Ronin has to go back and add a pair of glasses to that character’s full armour scenes 🙂

  96. I can only echo the feeling of prior comments: getting to see Adam’s excitement and pleasure from unboxing something like this and also the need to instantly wear it is something that I can identify with, and made my day a bit brighter! Thanks! Also nice to see the Leatherman reappearing lol.

    Kudos to the camera man, editor etc the whole production aspect was brilliant too!

  97. Please, please, please make a series of Adam unboxing things! I love how excited he gets.

    Also, is it just me, or does the background look like a green screen overlay? Or is it very well lit?

  98. 47 Ronin, was that the one, that looked just like another take on The Matrix. Yeah I didnt get too excited.

    Oh and I just finished reading The Martian, OMG so good. I cant wait untill the next Still Untitled.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  99. That looks amazing. I love the way Adam stares into the camera as Will is getting all the armour tied down. Badass. It’s like “Yeah, I’m a samurai, what of it?”

    As an aside, with all the jokes re the pants, why not combine this costume with Adam’s Bank Heist Joker…

  100. Wow, it’s impressive how detail and comfortable it looks! I’m looking forward to new cave to start doing big thing like this, now it’s just under my couch xD but i keep working on stuff!

  101. It looks amazing….but the chin bib is constructed wrong. The idea of the multiple layered pieces is to deflect a sword stroke away from the wearer having them layered that way would stop the blade right by your throat. If it was layered like Slates on a roof then it would deflect the blow down and away.

    Still an amazing costume its almost as good as the brochure, but I bet you wont post it to me over here in West wales, shame….mind you I would be even more happy if a Rasputing mecha glove poster happened to appear through my postbox as if by magic..ahem ahem

  102. Watched 47 Ronin last night. This was a good movie not the best but better than watching a couple look at 3 houses then pick one at the end or a pawn broker making a deal.

  103. What kinda camera was used for the filming of this? There was a crank for what I think was Adam’s lathe in the front left that was cloudy as hell and super distracting. Also Adam and Norm looked super 3D almost. I loved the video but it was a little distracting with whatever the video was shot with. Maybe you were trying out a new camera. I’m just interested to know what it was.

  104. If Samuel L. Jackson were to ever be a samurai, that would be his armor. As far as the catalog & auction goes, the line from Hostel comes to mind: “be careful, you could spend all your money in there.”

  105. Yes! Make this a feature.

    I love my own collection, nut nothing is screen used,. yet 🙂

    That book looks mighty fine!

  106. The joker pinstripe trousers make the hole thing. You have got to love prop store London they have some relay awesome stuff.

  107. Great video, more of Adam’s mail bags would be great for the site! PropStore do have some amazing stuff, if only we mere mortals had the cash to get some… fingers crossed I can get the catalogue just to look at them!

  108. So fun to see that Adam is not jaded from his experiences and can get that excited about his new props and still appreciate a “bargain”. Long live MythBusters!

  109. I have to say even before the actual armour goes on and Adam is just in the great padding with the high cooler he looks pretty bad ass.

  110. Oh man – I love these videos. I’ve been watching Adam and Jamie in Mythbusters forever, and I think I may have a bit of a crush on Adam.. He’s like a rolemodel and hero to me.

    Only slightly than me, but he has the time and skills to do the coolest things. Loves Star Wars and sci-fi, is geeky and cool. Dude’s totally cool 🙂

    Not a fan of the movie or the armour itself too much, but the excitement and fun in these videos is always so great and contagious. As for the auction – holy cow – it is beyond mere moratls like myself! I have a young baby boy to take care of, so no spare money for things like that 🙂

    Keep it up guys! You always add a bit of fun to the day – Thanks!

    PS, about that catalogue.. send it my way 😉

  111. Very cool! I do agree with what Adam said at the beginning, this does need to become a more often occurring thing!

  112. I just watched this movie. I found it entertaining and well paiced, I would actually recommend watching it. As you could guess it is visually amazing. Also I would love that catalog.

  113. Love the octopus, Cthulhu is one of my favorites. Now I need to win the lottery to buy some stuff from the Prop Store. Catalog looks super cool.

  114. If you guys are still giving away the Propstore catalog I’d love to get in on the giveaway. The first thing I said when I saw that book was “I want that.” 🙂

  115. Those silly purple pants make me want to add a colored plume on top of his head.

    As long as we’re on the topic, though — why would the 47 Ronin all wear different colors? Since they were out to avenge Lord Asano, I would think they’d all still be wearing his colors.

  116. I would love to see a regular mailbox segment as well. Love the armor! I only wish there were more segments!!!

  117. As awesome as this whole video is, I think my favorite part is the fact that neither of them had seen the movie. I’ve struggled with this in the past… loving an idea from a movie that either I hadn’t seen or wasn’t very good… I love Adam’s glee in enjoying this one element of a movie that he otherwise couldn’t even be bothered with.

    As everyone else, I would love to get to peruse the signed catalog!

  118. Awesome armor! I love watching the tested videos, they’re always incredible! Speaking of which, what lens is being used for the front shots? I noticed the great depth of field as much as the armor itself!

  119. Thanks for sharing this X-mas Morning Ish Moment!

    I may have to watch the movie now, just to see how bad it is


  120. That is pretty cool. Wasn’t able to find it on their website, or do they just have limited runs of many different samurais?

  121. I had visions of Adam bursting through the door and running down the street wielding his sword like a 4-eyed samurai maniac! hehehe. Love it. Great segment guys, look forward to seeing more like this!

  122. I would also love the catalog….

    have the stickers been mailed out? I saw mine opened on the podcast but still haven’t received the return stickers. Thanks!

  123. Somehow, keeping the glasses on makes it look even cooler 😀

    It’s a weird costume but beautifully done. And it’s always nice to see Adam excited about new stuff. Much like when he’s doing a Show ‘n Tell about Sideshow Collectibles 🙂

  124. i would love to go to a propshop and buy thins like that. wish that someday you can win a creditcard with a super big number on it and adam and frank take you to the most cool places to shop for those props and stuff. i wil just love to do that. who not so hope and wait until wanday mawbe you can win such a prince. or saving money over long term thats also a option. love the vedeos on this site bideway friendly greethings me

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