Show And Tell


Portable Fog Machines for Propmaking and Photography!

Want to add fog or fake smoke to your projects? We round up several off-the-shelf ways to add haze or a whispy smoke effect to your photography and prop or costume builds, including two battery-powered devices.

Adam Savage Incognito as Iron Man!

Adam suits up in his Iron Man Mark 1 armor for his first incognito costume walkaround in almost two years!

Adam's Guide to Cosplay and Prop Electronics!

Adam walks us through how to draw and implement a wiring diagram to incorporate simple electronics like lights and fans to your cosplay and props.

Show and Tell: Adam Savage's 2001: A Space Odyssey Space Suit!

Friend of Tested aerospace enthusiast and engineer Andrew Barth visits Adam in the cave, which gives Adam the chance to show and share his 2001: A Space Odyssey space suit he made for Comic-Con 2015!

Adam Savage Geeks Out Over EVA Foam Scale Maille!

Adam checks out the latest foam armor design from his friend Ben Eadie's Foam Armory project. Inspired by the reception to their EVA craft foam chain mail kits, Ben and his collaborator Stephanie Chan have developed a laser-cut foam scale maille that can be woven into helmet and other armor builds. Adam is impressed with how lightweight and durable these foam armor scales are while looking like distressed metal. Check out the Foam Armory campaign to get your own set!