Show And Tell


Adam Savage Geeks Out Over EVA Foam Scale Maille!

Adam checks out the latest foam armor design from his friend Ben Eadie's Foam Armory project. Inspired by the reception to their EVA craft foam chain mail kits, Ben and his collaborator Stephanie Chan have developed a laser-cut foam scale maille that can be woven into helmet and other armor builds. Adam is impressed with how lightweight and durable these foam armor scales are while looking like distressed metal. Check out the Foam Armory campaign to get your own set!

Adam Savage Unboxes His James Bond Spectre Cane!

Adam unboxes a prop replica he's had his eye on ever since he saw it at Comic-Con: the cane that James Bond wields in the opening of Spectre.

Adam Savage's King George Costume!

Adam recently completed a build of the royal St. Edwards crown inspired by the one worn on stage for Hamilton, and he pairs that prop with a full King George costume! It's Adam's first time trying on the full getup--crown, cape, and all--and we take the costume for a photo shoot at the beautiful Sydney Goldstein theater in San Francisco to see what it looks like on stage!

Adam Savage's Chewbacca Bowcaster Replica!

Adam shows off the details of his completed Chewbacca bowcaster replica, the assembly for which he did mostly off camera in a comfort build. This prop completes his Chewie cosplay ensemble, and Adam suits up in his costume to wield the finished build and let out his Wookiee roar!

Show and Tell: Jennifer Mann's LED Space Helmet!

Adam shares a new helmet recently added to his collection of replica space gear--a wonderful light-up space helmet from maker Jennifer Mann. Adam shows off the attention to detail and care Jennifer put into designing this piece, which is fitted with an anticulating visor, LED lights, and fashioned out of an off-the-shelf 14-inch acrylic lighting globe!