Show And Tell


The Sandman Helmet Made From HD Foam!

We check out the incredible props and armor pieces made by SKS Props using his HD Foam sheets and Foam clay.

Dune Stillsuit Cosplay by Downen Creative Studios!

Cosplayer Beverly Downen shows Adam her new Dune Stillsuit cosplay that she just finished in time for this past weekend's SiliCon convention!

Adam's New Animal Masks!

In addition to Adam's collection of helms and helmets, he also has a growing mask collection for casual walkaround cosplay. Today, he shares to recent additions to that collection, both animal masks found on Etsy.

Adam's Collection of Narnia Swords!

Among Adam's large collection of swords are a few props made by the artists at Weta Workshop, including some stunt swords for films that Adam has since acquired.

Portable Smoke Machine for Cosplay and Props!

Adam and Norm unbox the Smoke Genie portable fog machine, a handheld device that puts out a surprising amount of haze and thick fog for photography and filmmaking.