Show And Tell


Stormtrooper Exploded-View Model Kit Build!

This week's model kit build actually begins as a disassembly, as Norm takes apart a Bandai 1/6 scale Stormtrooper figure to rebuild it as an exploded-view model, revealing the internal structure and kit design alongside its armored shell. It's like an exploded-view diagram in physical form, and a simple modification anyone can do with wire, superglue, and their favorite snap-fit model kit!

Mechanical Dragonfly Automata Kit Build and Review

Time for a model kit build! This steampunk-inspired mechanical dragonfly is something we've seen advertised on social media, and Norm assembles it to show you how the kit comes together, its motorized kinetic movement, and what hiccups he encountered along the way. It's an aesthetically beautiful piece that has a lot of presence, but the operation and fluidity of its movement leaves a bit to be desired.

Tested in 2020: Norm's Favorite Things!

Norm shares some of his favorite things from the past year, including three gorgeous coffee table books, new photography lighting gear, a blisteringly fast portable SSD, and a mix of some of highlights from the collectibles and sixth-scale worlds.

Inside Adam Savage's Cave: LEGO Minifig Blade Runner Blaster!

Today's show and tell is a version of that prop that Adam never considered would ever be made: an unofficial LEGO minifig scale PKD blaster, complete with dual triggers and even translucent parts!

Show and Tell: Bandai's 1/144 Saturn V Model Set!

Adam unboxes and reviews the Bandai die-cast model of NASA's Saturn V rocket and Apollo 11 lunar module!