Show And Tell


Tested in 2020: Norm's Favorite Things!

Norm shares some of his favorite things from the past year, including three gorgeous coffee table books, new photography lighting gear, a blisteringly fast portable SSD, and a mix of some of highlights from the collectibles and sixth-scale worlds.

Inside Adam Savage's Cave: LEGO Minifig Blade Runner Blaster!

Today's show and tell is a version of that prop that Adam never considered would ever be made: an unofficial LEGO minifig scale PKD blaster, complete with dual triggers and even translucent parts!

Show and Tell: Bandai's 1/144 Saturn V Model Set!

Adam unboxes and reviews the Bandai die-cast model of NASA's Saturn V rocket and Apollo 11 lunar module!

Age of Mecha: Awesome 1/35th Scale Mech Figures!

With today's 3D printers, designers are able to create their own line of figures and toys for proof of concept manufacturing. That's what 3D modeler and animator Michael Herm has done with his Age of Mecha 1/35th scale collectibles--with prototypes he's sent us to check out and review. We chat Michael about his prototyping and design process for creating posable mechs and how his modular approach allows for a variety of striking designs.