Show And Tell


Show and Tell: Medieval Alleyway Book Nook Diorama!

We take a look at this medieval-themed alleyway book nook from miniAlley, the latest design in their line of alleyway diorama shelf inserts. This design makes great use of an angled mirror to extend the scene beyond its 9.5"x8" formfactor, and includes built-in LED lighting and a little foliage to accompany the laser-cut plywood construction. We also laser-cut a wood frame to give the exterior some extra visual flair.

Adam Savage Rancor Maquette Statue Reveal!

Adam unboxes and reviews the incredible replica Rancor maquette from the artists at Regal Robot--a near-perfect recreation of the original puppet designed by Phil Tippet for Return of the Jedi. Details like the construction of the eyes, the gnarly claws, and even the dripping drool of the fearsome creature are recreated here based on access to the original puppet and input from Phil himself. It's an incredible tribute to the creature design and practical puppetry showcased in the original Star Wars trilogy and Adam couldn't be more excited to meet it!

Adam Savage Unboxes a 2004 Hellboy Movie Press Kit!

Adam Savage unboxes and checks out for the first time this artifact from the release of the 2004 Hellboy movie.

iPhone vs DSLR Figure Photography with Hot Toys Hulkbuster!

Norm compares the RAW photo quality of a full-frame DSLR with that of the iPhone with Apple's ProRAW file format, featuring and reviewing the gargantuan Hot Toys Hulkbuster sixth-scale figure.

Model Behavior: Iron Giant 1/50 Scale Diorama Build!

This week's modelmaking build is a quick and dirty exercise in assembling a diorama out of almost exclusively off-the-shelf parts. Norm pairs a 12-inch tall Iron Giant collectible with O-scale model railroad scenic decor, which at 1/48 scale is exactly in line with the figure's height. The combination of small trees, a readymade wood shed, 3d printed deer, and tiny spotlights helps give the Iron Giant a towering presence appropriate to the beloved character!