Show And Tell


Adam's Stunt Rifle Prop from Dunkirk!

Adam explains the use of stunt weapons used for filming and how these props are typically made, and then shows off his new replica Lee-Enfield bolt-action stunt prop that was used in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk!

Star Wars Vintage Action Figure Guides!

While we've been enjoying the incredible Light & Magic documentary series about the history of ILM, we dive into the storied history of Star Wars action figures with three books that catalog those iconic vintage toys.

Hyperreal Marvel Sculptures at Comic-Con 2022!

We had to do a double take at these incredibly lifelike sculptures of Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Loki, and Captain America on display at this year's Comic-Con.

Sideshow Booth Tour at Comic-Con 2022!

We tour the Sideshow booth at this year's Comic-Con to check out the newest Hot Toys sixth-scale and quarter-scale prototype figures revealed and shown off for the first time in person!

World-Building a "Bigature" for Wētā Workshop Unleashed!

Wētā Workshop famously built detailed miniatures for the Lord of the Rings films so massive they were called "bigatures". They've brought this expertise to bear in their exhibition Wētā Workshop Unleashed, which features a jaw-dropping bigature for a fictional fantasy film dreamed up by their incredible storytellers.