Show And Tell


Adam Savage Unboxes a 2004 Hellboy Movie Press Kit!

Adam Savage unboxes and checks out for the first time this artifact from the release of the 2004 Hellboy movie.

iPhone vs DSLR Figure Photography with Hot Toys Hulkbuster!

Norm compares the RAW photo quality of a full-frame DSLR with that of the iPhone with Apple's ProRAW file format, featuring and reviewing the gargantuan Hot Toys Hulkbuster sixth-scale figure.

Model Behavior: Iron Giant 1/50 Scale Diorama Build!

This week's modelmaking build is a quick and dirty exercise in assembling a diorama out of almost exclusively off-the-shelf parts. Norm pairs a 12-inch tall Iron Giant collectible with O-scale model railroad scenic decor, which at 1/48 scale is exactly in line with the figure's height. The combination of small trees, a readymade wood shed, 3d printed deer, and tiny spotlights helps give the Iron Giant a towering presence appropriate to the beloved character!

Star Wars Ronin Mandalorian Figure Diorama Build!

We get an early look at Bandai's Ronin Mandalorian figure from their popular Star Wars Movie Realization series, and Norm builds a 1/12th scale dojo diorama in the aesthetic of this feudal Japanese spin on Star Wars. Here's how this display was designed and laser cut with our glowforge, and dressed with foliage materials we've used in past Model Behavior projects!

Stormtrooper Exploded-View Model Kit Build!

This week's model kit build actually begins as a disassembly, as Norm takes apart a Bandai 1/6 scale Stormtrooper figure to rebuild it as an exploded-view model, revealing the internal structure and kit design alongside its armored shell. It's like an exploded-view diagram in physical form, and a simple modification anyone can do with wire, superglue, and their favorite snap-fit model kit!