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Hands-On with Mojo Augmented Reality Contact Lens!

We go eyes-on with the feature prototype of Mojo Lens, an in-development contact lens with an embedded augmented reality display and the electronics needed to run it wirelessly.

Adam Behind the Scenes at Wētā Workshop Unleashed!

Back in 2020, Adam visited Wētā Workshop as they embarked on their most ambitious project yet: a sprawling exhibition showcasing the special effects artistry that Richard Taylor and his team are known for–an immersive imagining of Wētā Workshop itself.

Massive LEGO Eiffel Tower! (25,000+ Pieces)

We return to Bricks by the Bay, our local Bay Area LEGO convention, where we meet builder Eric Del Sesto and his 8-foot tall Eiffel Tower construction! Comprised of over 25,000 LEGO Technic and system pieces!

Adam Examines the Wright Brothers 1909 Military Flyer

The Wright Brothers' 1909 flyer is an engineering marvel, from its fuel-injected engine to its intake manifold to its ingenious use of bicycle chain.

Adam's Guide to Staplers and Nail Guns!

Adam gives a primer on the different kinds of nail guns and staplers you may encounter in the many different facets of making they're used.