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Adam Savage's First Mechanical Hand Build!

Adam brings out one of the oldest pieces in his collection to share in today's show and tell: his very first mechanical hand sculpture. Made from sheet copper, it was Adam's first attempt at an animatronics mechanism he made over 20 years ago! This pieces was also instrumental in Adam getting his very first job with Jamie!

Adam Savage Tests the AIR Active Filtration Helmet!

Adam unboxes and performs a quick test of this novel new helmet designed to provide active air filtration while giving the user a wide field of view with its big plastic dome. It's evocative of a spacesuit helmet you're meant to wear around in the world, and Adam checks out how well it works with a walk around the neighborhood.

Adam Savage's Nagra Spy Recorder Collection!

Adam pops open his custom-made carrying case for his collection of Nagra vintage audio recording equipment. It's an assembly of rare audio gear that has a direct lineage to the swiss spy recorders used in the 1970s, including the iconic compact reel-to-reel Nagra recorder. Adam walks us through the collection and shows some of the recorder's notable features that have made it a favorite among tech historians.

Adam Savage's Custom Ginger Beer Bottle!

Adam shares something delightful that recently arrived in the mail: a custom bottle of his favorite ginger beer!

Tested: Hollyland Mars 400S Pro Wireless HDMI Kit!

In this production show and tell, Joey checks out and tests a new wireless HDMI kit from Hollyland--the Mars 400S Pro kit!