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Adam Savage's Custom Ginger Beer Bottle!

Adam shares something delightful that recently arrived in the mail: a custom bottle of his favorite ginger beer!

Tested: Hollyland Mars 400S Pro Wireless HDMI Kit!

In this production show and tell, Joey checks out and tests a new wireless HDMI kit from Hollyland--the Mars 400S Pro kit!

Adam Savage's Distortion Helmet!

Adam shares an art project he created almost thirty years ago, when he first moved to San Francisco and was looking for galleries to exhibit his sculptures and other creations.

Adam Savage's New Custom Workbench!

Adam unveils his incredible new shop workbench made over the past few months by engineer and woodworker Andrew Klein.

The Story of Adam Savage's Contradictory Wall Sign!

Adam explains the origins of a peculiar sign that many of you have noticed hanging in the cave. The story of this sign goes back to the mid-80s and Adam's adventures in lockpicking and exploration of abandoned spaces in his youth. It's lived in every space Adam has worked since then, and brings a smile to Adam's face every time he sees it. Now you know the whole story!