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Adam Examines the Wright Brothers 1909 Military Flyer

The Wright Brothers' 1909 flyer is an engineering marvel, from its fuel-injected engine to its intake manifold to its ingenious use of bicycle chain.

Adam's Guide to Staplers and Nail Guns!

Adam gives a primer on the different kinds of nail guns and staplers you may encounter in the many different facets of making they're used.

What's In Your Explorer Bag, Ariel Waldman?

Ariel stops by the studio with her expedition travel bag to share some of the tools and supplies she finds most useful and essential on research trips, whether it's an expedition to a remote location or exploring wildlife in local parks.

How We Manage All Our Video Footage + Edit Off a NAS!

Tested's head of production Joey Fameli explains how he recently upgraded our media management system not only to increase the overall storage capacity and redundancy of our backups, but to also be able to edit full-resolution video directly from the NAS over a 10Gbps ethernet connection!

Ask Adam Savage: "How I Broke My Neck"

"When you told the story about the sign you 'retrieved' from the closed gymnasium, you mentioned falling off the water tower and breaking your neck. Did we hear that correctly? The story please!"