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    Adam Savage Learns About Preserving Alan Eustace's StratEx Suit!

    When Alan Eustace donated his historic StratEx spacesuit, life support, and balloon equipment module to the National Air and Space Museum, he asked for a dynamic display. Objects conservator Lisa Young explains to Adam Savage why she originally resisted that request, and how they eventually found a balance between preservation and display needs.

    Tested: Piloting NASA's Vertical Motion Simulator!

    Tested recently spent the week at NASA Ames Research Center in silicon valley, the campus where NASA performs research and development into technology and science supporting future satellites, robots, and crewed missions to space. Ariel, Simone, and Norm test pilot the Vertical Motion Simulator that trained Space Shuttle astronauts and visit the awesome 20G centrifuge!

    Offworld: Asteroid Exploration and Mining
    Asteroids have been the subject of numerous science fiction stories, in both destructive and constructive depictions. Joining Ariel to set the record straight on asteroids are Michael Busch of SETI and planetary astronomer Sondy Springmann. They discuss the form and composition of asteroids, the state of asteroid mining, and why there are so many misconceptions about asteroids in pop culture.
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    Adam Savage Visits National Air and Space Museum's Restoration Hangar!

    This was one of the MAJOR highlights of our DC trip: the National Air and Space Museum's Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar, where objects conservator Lisa Young gives Adam Savage a tour of the artifacts currently being preserved! In addition to geeking out over an LM cockpit simulator, a "lunar rover, qualification test unit” and the Skylab 4 command module, Adam learns a LOT about the craft of conserving such historic pieces. (We had to practically drag him out.)

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Ryan Nagata's First Spacesuit!

    While visiting Adam's cave to collaborate on a project, spacesuit replica builder Ryan Nagata brought a blast from the past: the very first spacesuit he made when he was 14 years old. Adam and Ryan pore over the details of this suit, which includes snoopy cap, gloves, and helmet. It's a testament to Ryan's obsession, ingenuity, and attention to detail, all qualities which have carried trhough to his newest spacesuits.

    Adam Savage Examines the Space Shuttle Discovery!

    At the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles, Va., Adam Savage examines the Space Shuttle Discovery (which he has a personal connection to), then speaks with National Air and Space Museum's Objects Conservator, Lisa Young, about the challenges of putting such a huge and historic spacecraft on public display!

    Celebrating Apollo - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 7/23/19
    The team is back in San Francisco after spending a week in Washington DC to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, as well as going to San Diego Coimc-Con! Adam recaps his experience participating in the festivities, seeing Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, and assembling Project Egress! Videos from that trip are coming!
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    Offworld: A Trip to the Moon (1902)
    For this very special episode of Offworld, we record from NASA Ames Research Center to talk about the 1902 film 'A Trip to the Moon', which is considered to be the first science fiction film. Ariel chats with NASA scientists about how our understanding of trips to the moon have changed over the past century, and how the moon is still ripe for exploration in both reality and sci-fi storytelling.
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    Project Egress - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 7/16/19
    We record a few days early as Adam and team are in Washington DC this week for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing! Jen Schachter joins us to talk about the conception and organization of Project Egress, how the pieces are coming together, and some interesting things learned in the planning of this build. We can't wait to see it come together on the 18th!
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    Offworld: Frances 'Poppy' Northcutt
    We're thrilled this week to be joined by Frances 'Poppy' Northcutt, who was a NASA Return-to-Earth Specialist during the Apollo missions and the first woman to work inside Mission Control! We talk about her experience as an engineer during Apollo, how the public remembers that era, and how media covered the moon landing. Thanks so much to Poppy Northcutt for joining us this week! You can watch APOLLO: Missions to the Moon on National Geographic on July 7th!
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    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: New Spacesuit Hardware!

    Adam gets more space stuff in the cave! With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing later this month, Adam shares a few new props made by fellow space enthusiast Ryan Nagata. First is a unique camera+propulsion system made for Gemini, followed by an Apollo-era bubble helmet of unsurpassed fidelity!

    Announcing Project Egress, a Collaboration with the National Air and Space Museum!

    I'm SO excited that I can finally announce this, but I've been working with the National Air and Space Museum on a special build to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission, the first time humankind set foot on the moon. We're calling it Project Egress, and it consists of a LIFE-SIZE replica hatch to exhibit in the museum!

    Most of all, I will be assembling it LIVE at the National Air and Space Museum on July 18! (No San Diego Comic Con for me this year; I'm all about the Apollo 50th Anniversary.)

    There's a story behind the project, too. Using 3D scan data and original technical drawings from Air and Space's archives, an amazing engineering student named Andrew Barth modeled the various intricate mechanics of the Apollo 11 Command Module hatch using Fusion 360.

    That detailed digital model of the hatch was separated into its individual mechanical components, which we sent out to more than 40 different makers. They then recreated each piece in their preferred medium, and the artists and fabrication shops who participated are listed below. (Thank you again!)

    Offworld: Forbidden Planet (1956)
    Why are exoplanets--those outside our solar system--depicted the way they are in science fiction film? We revisit the 1956 movie Forbidden Planet to examine one of the first representations of exoplanets in cinema, and our expert guests help explain the state of exoplanet imaging and what we know about the planets astronomers have detected so far. What's your favorite exoplanet seen in film?
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    Replicating Neil Armstrong's Apollo Spacesuit!

    Adam Savage takes a look at the fabrication process for detailed life-size replicas of Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit created for the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum Apollo at the Park program. Here's how 3D scans of the historic suit were turned into a 1:1 3D print, molded, cast, and then painted to be displayed in ballparks across the country!

    Offworld: Isolation and Loneliness in Space Travel
    This week on Offworld, we explore the trope of isolation and loneliness in science fiction space travel, and how both fictional and real-world astronauts cope with being away from home for extended missions. Joining us are neuroscientist Indre Viskontas and field geophysicist Mika McKinnon for a lively discussion on how sci-fi depicts the very real challenge of isolation in space!
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