What the Heck? Scientists Create Light-Absorbing Antilaser

By Matthew Braga

In what would probably be the lamest James Bond plot line ever, scientists have created a laser that absorbs light, instead of doling out molten-hot death.

There's something menacing about a giant laser threatening to dismember all who cross its path. Take James Bond for example. The entire series is practically built on lasers, from satellite-packing laser beams to laser-filled lairs. There are also women involved, occasionally. But everyone really knows that 007 is all about lasers.

Obviously influenced by the famous British super spy, scientists have now proposed what could become the most fearsome laser yet — the antilaser. Instead of producing fanciful, dangerous displays of light, an antilaser would do the opposite, soaking up said light instead. The result would be darkness — perhaps making for the best 007 movie plot line yet.


Something tells me clubs wouldn't be quite as fun with antilasers. 

 Fiber optic cabling could benefit from antilaser technology, should it ever become reality.
as Wired points out, "futuristic computer boards that will use light instead of electrons." Perhaps one day, such antilasers could even become as commonplace as their traditional laser-pointing counterparts, allowing us to create darkness and absorb light on a whim.

What you can be sure of is that antilasers won't be finding their way into the next James Bond film anytime soon. Something tells me they just aren't evil enough. 
Images via Flickr user Anriduh Koul and Craig A Rodway.