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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Spacesuit Display Stand!

    This weekend build is a speedy one: Adam recently saw the need to improve the display stands for his spacesuits in the workshop, so they both look better displayed as well as are easier to work on while standing up. It's a build that'll require modifying a foam mannequin with a welded stand, and makes use of an effective self-leveling laser tool!

    Adam Savage's Mercury Space Capsule Cockpit Replica!

    Adam shows off an incredible replica of the Mercury Friendship 7 space capsule cockpit that was a project for his workshop assistants. The intricate details of this replica are true to the original, from buttons to switches to even the printed notes affixed to the console. Let's pore over all the details!

    Adam Savage's Apollo A7L Spacesuit Upgrade!

    Adam’s Apollo spacesuit gets a major upgrade! After showing us some of his favorite details on his A7L, Adam shares a few recent modifications that showcase spacesuit replica maker Ryan Nagata's talent and incredible attention to detail, including new gloves, new wrist rings, a new bubble helmet, but especially a new, functional neck ring!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Rhombic Dodecahedron with Matt Parker!

    In this special One Day Build filmed earlier this year, mathematician Matt Parker (StandUpMaths) visits the cave to build a rhombic dodecahedron with Adam! Be prepared for lots of fun geometry discussion as Adam and Matt try to make abstract math concepts tangible with a physical build. They also take this construction a few steps further by lining the inside of the polyhedron with mirrors and LED strips for an infinty mirrored effect!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: NASA Retro-Reflector Replica!

    Adam makes a replica of one of NASA's classic lunar experiments: a laser ranging retroreflector left on the Moon that are used for precise measurement of the orbit and orientation of the Moon relative to Earth. It's a model that makes use of off-the-shelf prisms that mirrors light directly back to its point source, like the mirrors on road markers or bicycles. This replica is of the kind of retroreflector array NASA is sending with current Mars missions. And for this quick build, we see the debut of some tools like the sheet metal nibbler and unibit!

    Tested From Home: How To Find Tardigrades In Your Backyard!

    Ariel recommends a project to do while you're sheltering-in-place at home: exploring the microscopic life that's living in your backyard or local environment. Testing three kinds of microscopes, Ariel demonstrates how to find Tardigrades and other microscopic organisms with household materials. Water bears make great company! Check out Ariel's Life Under the Ice project at

    Offworld: Moon (2009)
    Once a hot topic of popular science, we check in on the science and state of human cloning in our discussion of the 2009 film Moon. Ariel and Norm are joined by Hank Greely, Director of the Center for Law and Biosciences at Stanford to talk biomedical ethics, cloning body parts, and artificial wombs as they relate to the future of human space travel.
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    Tested in 2019: Ariel's Favorite Things!

    Ariel, host of our Offworld space and science fiction show, shares a few of her favorite books, tools, and projects. Check out this D-I-Y cloud chamber build for visualizing cosmic rays, get a free e-book from NASA, and see how Ariel keeps track of project ideas and to-do lists. Stay tuned for more Offworld in 2020!

    Adam Savage Tours SFMOMA's 'Far Out' Exhibit!

    Several of Adam's spacesuit replicas are currently on display at SFMOMA's Far Out exhibit, as part of a collection of space suit, habitat, and laboratory designs. Adam tours this thought provoking exhibit with curator Joseph Becker, discussing the many ways in which the history of space exploration has always been in dialogue with artists, futurists, and filmmakers.

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Human Anatomy Model!

    Adam shares one of his new favorite things in the cave: a highly-detailed anatomical model that's reminescent of the iconic "visible man" model kits of Adam's youth. But these figures are also representative of today's technology, being fully 3d-printed with striking detail, fidelity, and translucent parts. Find these remarkable figures here!

    Offworld: For All Mankind (2019)
    What if the Soviets landed on the Moon before the United States? That's the premise of Apple TV+'s new show, For All Mankind, which explores the consequences of a "red moon" and NASA's response. Ariel is joined by Emily Calandrelli and Shannon Stirone to discuss the details of the show's alternate history, and what the show's writers took from NASA's own history to build their story.
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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Space Camera Shroud!

    This week's One Day Build is all about space cameras! Adam shows off a few of his favorite vintage cameras and camera replicas from NASA missions, and collaborates with fellow space obsessive Anthony Kovacs to make a shroud for the venerated Nikon F3. It's a day of cut and sew to make a beautiful replica camera thermal cover, just like the beta cloth ones used by Space Shuttle astronauts!