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    The Story of the Exploding Brain

    On our Halloween episode of Still Untitled, Adam Savage and Will Smith welcomed UCSF's Joe DeRisi, a biochemist specializing in molecular biology, parasitology, genomics, virology, and computational biology. His stories were so horrifying and amazing, we've isolated one here for your reading pleasure.

    Joe DeRisi: So ... can I tell a story?

    Adam Savage: Please.

    Joe DeRisi: So this all started with a 74-year-old woman here in San Francisco who came to the Chinese hospital with what looked like a UTI infection. She had a little altered mental status. They gave her a Z-Pak and sent her on her way. But then a couple days later she has complete blindness in one eye, but no wound, just vision stopped in one eye.

    Adam Savage: Wow.

    Joe DeRisi: So she went to St. Mary's. They got a look at her there, and they thought, "Okay, well, we don't understand what's going." They did an MRI. "Okay, it may be strokes, and you're of that age; it could be something to do with that." But she had a weird cough too. Anytime there's a weird cough ... and she emigrated from China like 12 years ago or something, so they said, "Go to the general, get a TB exam just in case." A couple days later her family wheels her into the general, and she's comatose. They actually wheel her in comatose.

    Offworld: First Man (2018)
    For this special episode of Offworld, Ariel is joined by Adam Savage and space historian Megan Prelinger to review and discuss the new film First Man. They answer some questions asked on social media about the film's historical accuracy, its presentation of the Gemini and Apollo programs, and talk about where the film stands in relation to other space films like The Right Stuff and Apollo 13.
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    Adam Savage Meets the Spacesuits from First Man!

    Spacesuit replica maker Ryan Nagata brings to the cave several of his spacesuits and spacesuit parts he made for the movie First Man! Adam and Ryan talk about his build of the X15 suit seen in the film, the technical accuracy achieved by the costume department, and what he learned from making pieces to be filmed for camera.

    Offworld Episode 12: Alien Covenant

    Could we engineer new life forms for space travel? Ariel is joined by chemical biologist Dr. Jun Axup and Dr. Lynn Rothschild of NASA to discuss the idea of genetic engineering as portrayed in the film Alien: Covenant. How does real-world gene editing technology like CRISPR relate to the ideas portrayed in science fiction?

    Adam Savage Incognito at New York Comic Con!

    Adam embarks on his mission to explore the show floor at New York Comic Con, in his new NASA ACES spacesuit cosplay! As Adam suits up, he shows all the parts that make up this intricate replica, and describes how its build was truly a team effort. Let's follow this space man on his NYCC adventure!

    Adam Savage's NASA ACES Spacesuit Replica!

    Adam Savage's newest spacesuit replica project is the NASA Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES)! Known as the "pumpkin suit", this iconic orange pressure suit was worn by Space Shuttle astronauts since 1994. Adam's replica is finally complete and ready for its first test fitting ahead of New York Comic Con!

    Alan Eustace's World-Record Stratosphere Jump Pressure Suit!

    Visiting the cave this week are two of Adam's friends: spacesuit costume maker Ryan Nagata, and high-altitude free-fall record holder Alan Eustace! We check out Ryan's replica of the pressure suit Alan wore for his stratosphere jump, in which he fell from a height of over 130,000 feet!

    Offworld, Episode 4: Moonraker (1979)
    Space-minded billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are in the news today, but one of the first space billionaires appeared in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker. Ariel is joined by author Bonnie Burton and science correspondent Emily Calandrelli to talk about pop culture's stylized take on space travel in the late 70s, in the wake of Star Wars and the dawn of NASA's Shuttle program.
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    3D-Printing a NASA ACES Helmet for Adam Savage!

    We're trilled to welcome a new member of the Tested family: 3D modeler and prop maker Darrell Maloney (aka the Broken Nerd)! We're big fans of Darrell's work and YouTube videos, and are starting a new series of collaborations between him and Adam. In this first video, Darrell goes over his process adapting a model made for vfx work to be 3D printable, and the 100+ hours of printing needed to have it come out right!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: The First Spacesuit!

    Adam Savage is obsessed with spacesuits, and his latest costume build for this year's Comic-Con incognito walk is a replica of the very first spacesuit made for famed aviator Wiley Post in 1935. Adam's also excited to experiment with Worbla in this build for the helmet, and make heavy use of his sewing machine for this striking suit!

    Offworld, Episode 9: Isolation Trope in Sci-Fi Space Travel

    This week on Offworld, we explore the trope of isolation and loneliness in science fiction space travel, and how both fictional and real-world astronauts cope with being away from home for extended missions. Joining us are neuroscientist Indre Viskontas and field geophysicist Mika McKinnon for a lively discussion on how sci-fi depicts the very real challenge of isolation in space!

    Offworld, Episode 8: WALL-E and Space Robots

    This week on Offworld, we revisit the classic Pixar film WALL-E, and chat with roboticists from NASA and Softbank Robotics about the development of robots for use in space. What about the portrayal of space robots in WALL-E did we like, and what would apply to the kind of robots that would work alongside humans in space?