Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is one of the formative films in Adam’s artistic career, and something he has watched innumerable times in his youth. But it’s been a while since he has actually last seen it, so we’re all going to watch it together for a Totally Unauthorized Commentary! We’re watching the Criterion Collection version of the film, and give you sync points to follow along, just like a commentary track. To watch with us, support us and sign up for a membership here!

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60 thoughts on “Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’

  1. I’m looking forward to watching this. Which copy did you watch DVD or Blueray. I’m wanting to know the frame rate. I have a Blueray running at 24fps. I’m assuming you are watching the sad ending.

  2. Brazil is my favourite Gilliam movie. It is incredibly layered visually and thematically. No wonder Hollywood hated it. :p

  3.   Thanks! I missed that. I liked A.I. And will watch it again for the commentary.
    Ironically, even though I am Brazilian, I have never watched Brazil (no correlation, I know).

  4. Please could we get a download link for the audio? I don’t have access to very good internet at the moment and the inability to select video quality on the player means it buffers horrendously slowly for me.

  5. Oh, Science be praised!! I’ve been waiting for this too long! Love the unauthorized commentary! Can The Shining be next?? Please, Please, Please, Please….

  6. What a lovely end to my friday night! I love Brazil and I loved the AI commentary… this will be fun (grabs popcorn)

  7. After 27 years in the military and later a senior civil servant “Brazil” feels like a documentary… Who knew 25 years ago that “1984” would morph surveillance and security culture…..

  8. An absolute joy. After hearing Brazil being mentioned a bunch of times on Still Untitled I finally procured it and watched it not too long ago. Going in cold was a bit hard, but I’m glad I did. Not only did it mean that I got to analyze the movie as it happened, it also meant that the second time I watched it (this time) I could enjoy it so much more. These commentaries alone are worth my subscription to Tested. Thank you Tested team, and please, keep ’em coming.

  9. I’m pretty sure the final torture sequence is filmed inside a power station cooling tower.

    In some of the earlier scenes you can see the support structure around the base that’s distinctive, and the curve of the walls creates a sort of perspective effect.

    love the film, ages since I have seen it.

    thanks gents

  10. THANK YOU! This was my very first time watching the movie and I loved it with the commentary! Of course, now it’s on the watchlist for a second viewing. I think it helped me appreciate details that I would’ve missed otherwise

    BTW, one thing would be great:

    a small picture-in-picture with the source movie’s timecode on the video so that you can pause and play and re-sync whenever you want. I’m sure there’s a way to do that?

  11. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed that. Brazil is also one of my favourite films. I love that although in 1984, there was only a nascent internet and the Web, as anything like we know it today, was still years away. But Gilliam predicted us skiving-off work to watch videos over the internet. A true visionary.

  12. Just finished watching / listening. So I just watched it for a second time, really interesting to hear Adams and co’s thoughts. It is an amazing film. Looking forward to more of these.

  13. Great! Thank you for making this happen guys. Can’t wait to see what movie the next unauthorized commentary will be about.

  14. I just signed up for Premium to see this… and was not disappointed in the least. Amazing movie, wonderful commentary, and well worth the money.

    Most web content hidden behind paywalls tends to be disappointing; this is the opposite. I get so much out of this site. Thank you guys for everything!

  15. Such a great movie, I think I first saw this in the heavily edited 4:3 cropped VHS version on a small TV back in the 90s, It’s one of those that get so much better as you go to though to blu ray and the longer cut and a bigger TV. More like this please. Since Will hasn’t seen it, the Time Bandits next maybe?

  16. One of my favourite movies and excellent commentary! I’d very much like to see (or rather hear) more unauthorized commentaries of Adam’s favourite movies.

  17. Just finished this and love it, the commentary was a great addition. I just need to find a copy of AI and watch that commentary.

    Also an FYI for people who do not have the exact copy of the movie that Tested do, I watched what appears to be the “American” cut and was able to follow along pretty well. I had to pause both the movie and commentary alternatively to let each resync a few times since there is more footage in the Tested copy then in mine. I want to thank the guys for adding in footage from time to time during the commentary, that helped a lot. Attached is the box art from the Blu-ray I had.

  18. Third time I have tried to play it and I still haven’t gotten more than 1 minute into the video before it gets stuck buffering. Youtube and Netflix are working so I don’t think it is my internet. Any help guys? It is literally stuck at 10 seconds right now and wont stop buffering….

  19. Third time I have tried to play it and I still haven’t gotten more than 1 minute into the video before it gets stuck buffering. Youtube and Netflix are working so I don’t think it is my internet. Any help guys? It is literally stuck at 10 seconds right now and wont stop buffering….

    I’m having the same problem 🙁

  20. A couple of us can’t get the video to play. It keeps getting stuck buffering before the 1 minute mark. I know at least for me Youtube and Netflix are playing just fine so I am not sure why I am having issues with this video. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  21. Awesome…. Can’t wait to get my hands on the audio only though…

    I loves me some Brazil, but I have to admit The Fisher King is probably my favourite Gilliam flick… That & Erik The Viking!! #NotAshamedAtAll ,-)

  22. Aw, darn, I’ve given up on Flash and uninstalled it. I will have to reinstall to watch. Drat! How about an nice HTML5 player?

  23.   me too! I can’t even get the video image to come up, just an empty white space on both my iPad and my iMac!

  24. Finally! Able to view the commentary, also watched the movie for the first time, it’s great, but loonnngggg

  25. There is a HTML 5 Player but it is a hack.

    Set your user agent as iPad/iPhone(and I assume there will be other agents that will work). You will need to google how to do it as it differs in different browsers.

    But agree an official HTML5 Player would be most welcome.

  26. Ah ha! Well, I did not realize that the iOS content even existed.

    Typically if Flash is not installed, the page (or player) can be configured to fall back to another format. As it is, I turned on the Develop menu in Safari then selected iPad iOS8, clearing the cache and reloading the page gave me content!

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  27. I watched this film years ago as a kid, and thought it was just a really weird movie. Now rewatching it as an adult, mind blowing.

  28. ‘Brazil’ is one of my favorite films of all time. Gilliam’s commentary for this is incredible. I really liked ‘The Zero Theorem’, despite Gilliam turning to some easy themes and retreading old themes.

    Thanks for making this commentary. I subscribed to Premium for this specifically. I think I’ll stay on if the content proves its worth. So far, it has! 🙂

  29. Hey guys, just wondering if there was any update on a mp3 or video download for this.

    I love the stuff that you do with the premium content but my internet connection just wont let me watch glorious HD streaming content 🙁


  30. Late to the party – but just did this last night. Guys…. GUYS. This is the BEST part of being a Premium member so far! HANDS DOWN.


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