Totally Unauthorized Commentary – A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Adam, Will, and Norm deliver an exclusive commentary track for Stephen Spielberg’s AI in our first piece of member-exclusive content. It’s two hours and thirty minutes of commentary track goodness, so if you haven’t already signed up for a membership, what are you waiting for?

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62 thoughts on “Totally Unauthorized Commentary – A.I. Artificial Intelligence

  1. I am totally going to listen to this like the weirdest podcast ever.

    Small bug report: There’s a scrollbar on the side of the video player.

    Windows 7 64bit Google Chrome most up to date version.

  2. I am totally going to listen to this like the weirdest podcast ever.

    Small bug report: There’s a scrollbar on the side of the video player.

    Windows 7 64bit Google Chrome most up to date version.

    Same on My PC, Same Specs, but with Firefox 25.0.1.

  3. I am really excited for this. Such a weird movie. When I watch I constantly think how different a movie Kubrick would have made. Can’t wait to hear what Will, Norm and Adam have to say about it.

  4. I find it very interesting that at the ending they all started talking about how David might have the imperfect memory of a child with the oversized sink and stuff, and didn’t realize that they bought into David being a real boy. He was a robot, and would have remembered it all perfectly but they didn’t realize it. A good indication of the transformation of David from having severe uncanny valley in Act 1 to being pretty much accepted as human in Act 3.

  5. test

    This is Only a Test?

    I’m super excited to watch this! Though I’ve never seen it before, so not sure if I should be seeing it with commentary.

  6. I was going to suggest you do Blade Runner nxt, but you seem set on Brazil. I’m probably going to have a hard time finding the correct version.

    Never watch a movie first time with commentary. Its just a bad idea lol.

  7. blade runner is 100% on the list. we’re going to build up to it, since it’s a movie for which we all have a LOT to say.

  8. man this is awesome.. super excited for more to come

    wats the difference between gold and silver medals?

    also, isn’t premium?

  9. This was awesome. My vote is for Brazil for the next one, a couple of years ago I did a deep-dive into Terry Gilliam’s work and watched it a *lot*.

    As for movies that end with ‘man’… don’t forget ‘Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man’. :p

  10. Loved this commentary! This movie totally improves after rewatching, more powerful than I’d remembered.

    I was also confused as to why a robot manufacturing facility is in a submerged skyscraper. I’m guessing the striking visuals and homecoming theme take priority–Spielberg’s a master of concise storytelling, sometimes through semi-“cheats.”

  11. This was really fun.

    You guys should do Tokyo Drift or Torque next and get Jeff Gerstmann to sit in as well. That would be ridiculous and hilarious. And of course entirely miss the point of what you’re aiming for haha.

  12. This was great! Syncing was a little sketchy, took me a couple minutes to get it pretty close. Can’t wait for the next one. I’ve never seen Brazil before so it should be interesting.

  13. I watched it when it came out. And a few years back once more.

    I never got the part where they are mecha at the end. I liked it quite a bit but the aliens didn’t make a lot of sense.

    I thought the interesting thing was that first he is created for human needs and at the end it’s the other way around. So what’s “real” life at the end of the day?

    I was about the only one that liked it at the time.

  14. Another possible bug, unless it’s supposed to work like that. I’m on a 27″ iMac, using Safari, when I go fullscreen with the video player, the video stays at 720p and does not stretch to fill the screen.

  15. I spent money on a Whiskey Media subscription that was supposed to include Tested, Then you split and promised to take care of your subscribers, which never happened.

    You don’t get to break that promise and ask for more money. That’s not how trust and good faith work.

  16. calm down please.

    Will said they would take care of cases like yours. Just send a polite email regarding the issue and give them the benefit of the doubt first.

    They will come through I am sure.

  17. Great commentary, looking forward to more in future 🙂

    Maybe pipe some more of the movie audio through, at least in the beginning minute, to make it easier to find some reference to sync to.

  18. Wow, this movie is way better than I remembered. Some awkward bits in the 2nd and 3rd acts, but pretty strong movie.

    Syncing was fine, but could’ve been a bit more clear.

    Would it be worth making Adam endure one of the Star Wars prequels for his insight?

  19. I had the same issue, and I noticed that it also happens on Kickstarter videos, wondering if they are using the same base for the player.

  20. Good to see you are on the case. Customer service is really important.

    Also I really enjoyed the podcast. And yes, I just listened without watching the film. Still I pretty much remembered all of it and the stretches of silence were also entertaining.

  21. Great commentary, and I agree watching the movie again after all these years really makes me appreciate it a lot more.

    For the next movie I’d suggest doing something Adam worked on again, like the Matrix 2 or 3. It was really cool to hear about the models for Rouge City, Manhattan, etc. in this film, and I’d love to hear detail about the models in the Matrix films. Also, like AI, I haven’t watched the Matrix sequels since they came out so it would be fun to see what I think of them now.

    I’ll also throw out the film F/X from 1986 as another film to consider–would be neat to hear a professional’s opinion of how this movie presents special effects.

  22. Now I know what I’ll be watching over the holidays 🙂

    BTW. This is such a great idea for premium content! Good going, guys!

  23. I,m a member yay. After all they years of awesome coverage that Tested has given me, I am happy to sign up for a membership. Keep on testing guys.

  24. A very lovely experience, thanks so much for doing this.

    Might I suggest doing what the RiffTrax guys do, and occasionally speak the lines as they occur. It really helps with syncing, though I had no problem syncing this time.


  25. Thanks guys for the was on my way Pennsylvania while watching this. Made the travel time go by faster. BTW.. Can’t wait to see Adam and Jamie on Thursday in pa! Got ticket to behind the myths at the sands casino! Would be awsome to possibly meet them after the show.

  26. Great excuse to go back and watch the film. Love the profundity of the big concept stuff in the last 1/3. Excellent time guys. Thumbs up on Brazil.You should also consider The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai.

    Fix the scrolling on the next one.

  27. Loved the commentary and I cannot wait to hear more!

    My two cents about improvements that could be made would be helping the listener with syncing. The whole “count down from five” thing was vague but Adam accidentally did exactly the right thing: He read the Amblin/Stanley Kubric credit right as it popped up which gave me a perfect sync time.

    If you’re taking viewer suggestions, I would say steal a play from Rifftrax’s book and pick a line early in the movie to speak over the real dialog to provide a perfect sync time.

  28. Is there something wrong with the video? I finally got around to watching this and the video cuts out at 1:45:56. However, I haven’t checked out the mp3 download of it yet.

    I don’t have a copy of the movie myself and it’s not available for streaming from any of the services I’m subscribed too. For the next one you do it would be nice to know what (if any) legal streaming options are for the movie for those who don’t own a physical copy of it. E.g., it’s available on Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

  29. Great first commentary! I’m excited for future premium content!

    It will be very interesting to hear commentary on movies that you like and admire and/or Adam has worked on – However, it would also be VERY entertaining to listen to the three of you rip apart movies you dislike or maybe had potential to be great films, but drastically fell short in certain areas.

    Looking forward to more great material! Have a great 2014


  30. Loved this, listened to it in weird pod cast mode. Cant wait for Raiders, well worth the membership thus far =)

  31. I’m a little late to this party, but watched the movie last night and really enjoyed Adam, Norm, and Will insights into this movie, and movie making in general. Looking forward to the next installment of the Totally Unauthorized Commentary series. Keep up the good work!

  32. Suggestions for next ‘Commentary’

    Akira, Prometheus, Waterworld, All 6 Star Wars films, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Minority Report, Beetlejuice, (Tim Burtons) Batman & Batman Returns

  33. Bit late in the membership, but I think it would be good to sync again in the middle of the film somehow like a verbal timestamp, First the scrollbar Split into fractions to maintain universal understanding, and then a short sentence of what exactly is happening so its easy to sync if you lose your way for example (1/2 movie, AI gets dumped with acid)

    I lost my way a couple times when Firefox crashed.

  34. While I am a little late in signing up for premium membership, I just finished watching this. And, I thought it was great! All the little insights that Adam brought were just wonderful. You guys were great too!

    I also found myself just looking at your facial expressions throughout the movie and laughing at how you reacted to various parts of the movie.

    Please do more of these in the future.. 🙂

  35. Finally had time to sit down and watch this with commentary. Really enjoyed it. Made me appreciate the movie much more than I had remembered it. I hope you guys still do more of these – it’s been about 6 months since you released this one, which has me a little worried! But well done, and thanks!

  36. The video seems to be having problems. I watched streaming and downloaded and it crashes in the same place, around 1:46:30.

    Downloaded the mp3 and it works great though! Thanks for this!

  37. Anybody else have a problem downloading this? tried 6 or 7 times and it just doesn’t finish downloading

  38. finally got round to watching this as the film was on tv, i paused it on virgin tivo and got it synced up but the pace seemed a bit faster on my tv, so had to pause for a few seconds every now n then. unfortunately just as it got to the bit where adam had worked on the sets the tivo kept jumping forward as it must have been on the cusp of its buffer. still a great commentary cant wait for the next one, its been like 12 months already 😉

  39. 7.4GB 720p download? Holy wow! I can find the entire movie in 1080p with 5.1 audio in a smaller size. You guys really need to use much better compression for these. Yikes!

    Looking forward to watching along with you as it’s the reason I signed up for premium but it’s going to be 4 hours before the DL is even done!

  40. The audio is glitchy for me – firefox windows 7 – I’ll download the video, I guess, and hope the glitches aren’t burned-in. The download is 7.4 gigs. Any chance you could apply some compression to that and re-upload? Cheers!

  41. Looking forward to more content like this (and frankly less Lego as awesome as lego is), keep up the good work though!

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