Unauthorized Commentary

PREMIUM – Totally Unauthorized Commentary: The Thing (1982)

Watch along with Adam, Norm, and Sean as we revisit John Carpenter's The Thing! We gush over the practical special effects of the film, peak Kurt Russell, and Rob Bottin's terrifying creatures.

PREMIUM – Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Return to Oz (1985)

Norm and Danica are joined by professional modelmaker and new Tested contributor Kayte Sabicer to watch a classic "Dark Age Disney" film, Return to Oz! We talk about the expectations for this film, how it haunted us as kids, and its amazing effects puppeteering and animation work.

PREMIUM – Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Galaxy Quest (1999)

Adam and Norm are joined by Tested's own Kishore Hari to watch one of our favorite science fiction films: Galaxy Quest! Adam shares some stories about his modelmaking work on the film, we discuss the efficiency of the script, and praise the casts' spot-on performances.

PREMIUM – Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Pilot)

We've promised it on the podcast, so here it is! Kishore, Norm, and Jeremy sit down to watch the first two episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, which Jeremy has never seen before. But will this die-hard Next Generation fan take to this series?

PREMIUM – Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Blade Runner (1981)

Adam, Simone, and Blade Runner superfan Mark Dubeau prepare themselves for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 release by rewatching the original Blade Runner! Watch along the final cut of this sci-fi classic--it'll be Simone's first viewing of the film!